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This unnamed woman is the mother of Julian Trimble. She appears in Old School, where she tricks him into attending the school trip to Hardscrabble Farms.

When Julian Trimble was in second grade, he always made a big scene during drop-off time at school, as he is very attached to his mother, due to having separation anxiety. One time he did not want his mom to leave, so he had such a tight grip on his mom, that the vice principal had to come down to peel them apart. Greg figured he had decided to go on the school field to Hardscrabble Farms on his own, but Greg remembered that the scene in the morning that day. This caused him to start to wonder if his mom had actually tricked him into going on the trip.[1]

Julian is shocked that his mom had tricked him as she drove off in her minivan after she dropped her son off at school. However during the mail call, she sent a letter to her son at Hardscrabble Farms, in which she made the huge mistake of sending a photo showing her and their pet dog on it. This caused Julian Trimble to start blubbering because he missed her during the trip.[2]

The next day, Julian Trimble decided to get sent home by intentionally making himself sick. He did this by eating a part of a stick of deodorant, which caused him to groan in his bed in the cabin he was staying in for the trip. This meant it was the end of the road for him. Upon hearing this, Julian's mom drove all the way to Hardscrabble Farms along with their pet dog. She arrived a few hours later to pick her son up. Then she drove away with her son and pet dog from Hardscrabble Farms heading straight home, and Julian seemed to have made a full recovery as he seated in the minivan and waves bye to his friends when driving away from Hardscrabble Farms with a smile on his face.[3]


  • It's possible that Julian Trimble and his mother are related to Evelyn Trimble, as they have the same last name.




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