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Jimmy Dogfish.
Juicebox blaming Greg for his pranks

Juicebox is the main antagonist in The Deep End who leads a gang in Campers' Eden. The gang includes DooDoo, Big Marcus, Regular Marcus, Weevil, Cutter, Fivehead, and briefly Greg Heffley under the nickname "Jimmy Dogfish". While he is the leader, he has a tendency to break his own rules, such as snitching out despite a punishment being made against snitches. He is the shortest and smallest of his gang.


Initially, Juicebox is shown to be a social and cooperative leader to his fellow friends DooDoo, Big Marcus, Regular Marcus, Weevil, Cutter, and Fivehead. He is revealed to be mischievous and reprisal when he sprayed the teenagers who threw watermelons at them in the hill using water guns, drenching them and ruining the snack shack. He is shown to have leadership for his gang, though he sometimes makes promises that he doesn't follow. An example would be when the gang makes a vow not to snitch it on anyone if one or few of them gets caught. However, Juicebox doesn't follow the rule his gang made and blames the prank Greg Heffley as Jimmy Dogfish. Juicebox throws Greg under the bus almost immediately without hesitation, though it may be possible he chose him specifically, as Greg was the “new kid”, and didn't have the same bonds with Juicebox like the other kids did, and moments before they had ambushed the teenagers, Greg had showed reluctance to partake in the prank, and when he tried to back out, Juicebox reminded him he was one of them now, and they were in this together. Even if Juicebox didn't have the best image of Greg, it was still a selfish decision to rat him out specifically, showing how Juicebox may not be the most loyal of friends.


Greg Heffley's mom introduces Greg to Juicebox's Gang while they were on their way to the lake for fishing. Juicebox is revealed to be the leader of the gang. When some teenagers started bombarding the gang, Juicebox explained his plans to the rest of the gang. The prank ruined the camp's snack shack. Seeing an advertisement for free sundaes for trading in water guns, Juicebox and everyone in his gang except Regular Marcus head over to the lodge with their guns. When Regular Marcus returned with his gun, seeing the door locked, peeped in through the window and realized that it was a trap to catch the kids who had trashed the snack shack. However, Juicebox blames it all on Greg. When the Camp Director didn't believe him, Juicebox had to try and find Greg with the Camp Director. When he makes it to the pool, this causes Greg to hide at the deep bottom of the pool. He's not seen again after the rainstorm, but it's likely that since he wasn't able to find Greg, he and the other members of his gang still got in trouble and was punished for lying to the camp director. He and his gang presumably left the park along with everyone else after Manny fixed the bridge.