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Joshie Action Comix: Double Trouble is a comic strip that appeared in The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book.


One Saturday afternoon in a normal town of the United States of America, two ordinary kids are being asked by their parents to do chores. Joshie arrives in the house, introducing himself to the kids as an "European singing sensation". The parents are also impressed, pointing out they previously downloaded his single "2 Tough 2 Be Mean" from his website.

Their mom also bought his ringtone for $2.99, and is wondering why he was in their house. Joshie states that he heard the sound of the children's disharmony, to which they reply that they should listen to their parents from now.

Joshie states it isn't their fault, but is caused by the existence of bad attitude and disrespect, who are portrayed as monster-like creatures. The dad then asks what he wants to do with them. Joshie decides to do it himself, choosing to murder them with his "Fist Punch! Foot Kick!" catchphrase.

The children are happy, with the parents wondering what will be done to repay him, to which he advertises and performs his latest single, "Children of the World" which can be downloaded from his website for $3.99. The parents enjoy the song's message, and Joshie then tells the kids to leave and says his "Respect your parents and follow your dreams!" motto with them.

The comic is then followed by ads for the Joshie Talking Doll and Joshie Plushies.


  • As the comic blatantly advertises Joshie's merchandise and songs, it can be assumed that the comics are nothing more than advertisements in disguise.