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Hope the "potty monster" doesn't get you, little fella! Heh heh.
Uncle Joe scaring Manny into not using the bathroom in the online book

Joe Heffley is the younger brother of Frank Heffley, brother-in-law of Susan Heffley, and paternal uncle of Greg HeffleyRodrick Heffley and Manny Heffley. He is also the owner of a large black dog, Killer and has two sons and a daughter.


Rodrick Rules[]

Joe comes to Greg's house late for Thanksgiving. His children all call their uncle "Aunt Fwank (Frank)." Susan says that this is cute but Frank says that Joe taught them to do that. When Frank goes down to the basement to do edits to his Civil War diorama, Joe sneaks down and says "Nice toys, big brother!" Frank explains everything to Joe, but Joe didn't listen to a single thing he was saying. Greg mentions that the year before that book takes place, Manny was approximately 2 weeks from getting out of diapers, but Joe puts a stop to it by saying "Watch out for the 'potty monster,' little fella!" Every-time time Frank had to change a dirty diaper at, he started cursing Uncle Joe under his breath. [1]

The Last Straw[]

Joe makes a brief appearance on Easter at Church. Greg says that when the songs start, he holds Greg's hands, even though he doesn't have to. Greg also says he has an iron grip. when they sat down Greg makes a cuckoo sigh to show he wasn't part of the holding hands to Holly Hills and the rest behind him.

Dog Days[]

Joe and his kids and Killer attends Christmas at the Heffleys' house where Greg asks him to encourage Frank to get a dog after seeing Killer. Greg regrets this after Joe slaps Frank's back and tells him a "boy" needs a dog. [2]

Later he is at Greg's birthday party and his dog Killer eats some of Greg's birthday cake.[3]

The Ugly Truth[]

He and his brother Frank are trying to get Greg to be more responsible and not end up like their brother Gary Heffley. He appears at Gary's fourth wedding and the Heffley family reunion.

Cabin Fever[]

In a flashback, when Greg snuck into his mother's email account to tell everyone to coordinate all of the Christmas presents they will get Greg, Joe's name can be seen.


Uncle Joe is evidently one of the more troublesome character in the series, who inadvertently embarrasses, annoys and harms Frank by causing him lots of pain and disgust. Uncle Joe is classified as very immature, childish, and overly-affectionate. However in The Ugly Truth, he does teach Greg how to be more responsible in the future, most likely so that Greg won't end up like Uncle Gary. This may imply that Joe has a sense of responsibility and wants what's best for his nephew.


Teenage Joe

Joe as a teenager

Uncle Joe is shown having a Mexican-style mustache, black hair and western-style clothing, looking more like a cowboy in Greg's illustrations.


Frank Heffley[]

Frank is Joe's brother whom despises Joe and often makes fun of him. Joe convinced his kids to call Frank "Aunt Fwank", much to Frank's annoyance.

Gary Heffley[]

Not much is known about is Joe's relationship with his younger brother Gary Heffley, though it seems better then Frank's.


  • Parents: Grandpa Heffley and Nana Heffley
  • Wife: Name Unknown
  • Daughter: Name Unknown
  • Son: Name Unknown
  • Brothers: Frank Heffley and Gary Heffley
  • Grandparents: Gammie and Chester Heffley
  • Cousins: Uncle John, Lawrence Heffley, Byron Heffley, and Terrence Heffley


  • Uncle Joe is quite possibly the only character to be disliked by Greg, Frank and Manny.
  • The Ugly Truth is the only book in which Uncle Joe gets along with Frank.
  • He does not have a visible mouth in the online book.
  • In the first movie, Greg is the one to tell Manny about 'The Potty Monster', not Uncle Joe.



Rodrick Rules[]

The Last Straw[]

Dog Days[]

The Ugly Truth[]

Cabin Fever[]



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