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Jerome The Man With Incredibly Red Lips was a show and comic written by Greg Heffley that was featured in the online book and the Do-It-Yourself Book. It is about a man named Jerome who unnaturally has red lips and constantly gets harassed because of it.

The show was created after Greg finally got to watch some of the new shows, only being disappointed as the jokes were extremely repetitive. He wanted to see if he could make a better show than the guys who were making thousands of dollars and spent all his lunch time writing three episodes. [1]


Jerome At The Gym[]

When Jerome visits the gym a man tells him the people there does not like his red lips and asks if he was sassin' him.[2]

Dinner At The Boss's House[]

Jerome was sitting with his boss's wife at the dinner table when his boss came out and was about to serve dinner until he notices Jerome's red lips and accuses him of kissing his wife.[3]

Roommate Rage[]

As Jerome was reading his newspaper his roommate went to their fridge and finds out all his Koo-Aid was gone and says he's gonna kill the person who drank all of it. Jerome is worried as he knows his red lips are going to give it away. [4]


  • In the old version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book, Jerome's mouth isn't red, but is black and white like all other people.
    • It is reasonable that Jerome was originally drawn in black and white because that is how everything else is drawn in the main series books.
  • Jerome's eye color is shown to blue. He is also one of the few characters whose eyes are always shown as something besides simple dots. His hair is blond.