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Jeremy and Jameson Garza are identical twin brothers from Upper Surrey Street who appear in The Meltdown. They are known to have made up a secret language when they were young which only they can understand.[1]

During the cold season, when one of the twins seems to get sick, Greg Heffley shoots a spitball into the sick one's hair so he can keep track of who he is.[2] When the school collects all of the students' wet socks and mixes them up, Jake McGough gives each kid back their socks by smelling them, even pairing up the Garza twins' socks correctly.[3] At the beginning of the Battle of Surrey Street, the Garza twins have a flag of a two-headed ogre, which is the only clan flag that Greg likes.[4][5][6]


  • Jeremy and Jameson Garza's secret language appears to be an example of the real-life speech phenomenon cryptophasia, where a pair of twins develop a language that only the two can understand.




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