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Jasper is a prankster who appears in Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories.[1] He is loosely based on Greg Heffley.

Everyone knew Jasper for his pranks which were pretty harmless and the only people who were mad were the ones who'd been pranked. One day Jasper woke up and was thinking about who to prank next, he was split between toilet papering his neighbour's house and replacing Joris the baker's cream-filled donuts with toothpaste. He decided to do the later as he hadn't pranked Joris in a long time.

Jasper got out of bed and headed up the hill to the bakery. He passed by Marian and Miki and waved to them but they didn't wave back. Jasper thought they were still sore at him for covering up their windows in mustard a few weeks ago. When Jasper got to the bakery, Marta was walking up to Joris to buy her daily baguette which distracted him, and Jasper made his move. However, when Jasper tried to pick up the glass lid over the donut platter, his hand went through it. Jasper was so confused that he ran outside, and he stopped in front of the mirror shop store because he couldn't see his reflection. Jasper realized nobody could see him and when he made a complete fool out of himself nobody noticed.

Just then a line of people walked past Jasper who were dressed in black and looked very sad. At the back of the line, Jasper saw his mom bawling her eyes out. Jasper followed them into church and finds out this was a funeral but for himself when the preacher said he died by getting struck by lightning while toilet papering someone's front yard. Jasper now knew he wasn't invisible he was actually dead. People then came up to say a few words about Jasper, usually people say nice things about the person who died but all people said about Jasper was how annoying his pranks were. After the final person spoke it was time for goodbyes. Jasper then walked up to the coffin and found out there was nobody in the coffin and there was just a pumpkin with a face drawn on it.

Everyone laughed and Jasper found out it was a prank. Jasper had a lot of questions, and the people answered them. Since pranking was Jasper's thing it was hard admitting they got him. Jasper said it was a decent prank but his was way better but then the preacher says it was actually a double prank because the day before a meteor wiped out the village and the people in it. Jasper always wanted to travel and since ghosts can fly, he could fly whenever he wanted. Jasper climbed up the lighthouse and aimed himself towards Paris. It turns out that was a prank too and the villagers now thought they were the ones who took a prank too far. It's unknown what happened to Jasper after this.