Jason Brill
Jason Brill
Name Jason Brill (Otha Harris Online)
Age 14-16[1]
Gender Male
Actor None
Film Appearance? Yes (only pictured)
Online Appearance? Yes (as Otha Harris)
Book Appearance? Yes

Jason Brill (known as Otha Harris in the online version) was a student with several piercings and acne. He nearly sat next to Greg on the first day of middle school, but Greg lied that the seat was taken to avoid sitting near him. He is named in Otha Harris in the online version, and has the exact same role in the book adaptation. It is unknown if he will make another appearance, or if he made an appearance just for that one reason.


  • In the film, he can be seen at the 22nd position on the Popularity list.


  1. The fact that he appears older and taller than Greg implies that Jason failed 6th grade atleast once.