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Jacob Hoff is a boy who appears in The Meltdown. He lives across the street from Fregley and in between Ernesto Gutierrez and Gabriel Johns. He has clarinet lessons, which is the reason why he mostly doesn't come outside.[1]

During the snowball fight, he said that he was supposed to go back to his home to attend clarinet lessons, and if he misses his lessons, his parents will be mad. However, he promised that after he finished his clarinet lessons, he will go back up the wall and bring snacks to them.

Everyone helped escort him safely to his home while the Lower Surrey Street Kids attacked them, and, eventually, he reached his house safely. But it turned out it was a wasted effort; the clarinet lesson was just an excuse to go home, and when they saw him at his bedroom window, they knew he was not coming back with those snacks.[2]




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