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The map of the resort.

Isla de Corales was a luxury island resort that the Heffley Family visited in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway. Susan and Frank Heffley went to this resort on their last honeymoon. An image of Greg's family is posted on the homepage of Isla de Corales' website after all of the trouble they caused while they were there and are banned from the resort. The Heffley Family went to this resort after Susan and Frank saw an ad for the place on TV, and wanted to take their kids to the place of their last honeymoon for Christmas, following problems at home. In English, the place's name roughly translates to Islands of Corals.  


  • The resort is split into 2 sides; the Wild Side, and the Mild Side. The Wild Side is for adults only, while the Mild Side is for families. It is likely that adults with no children can stay on either side.
  • Isla de Corales could be probably located somewhere in Mexico where Spanish is spoken but English is often used too. This is likely because items in the resort's shop are mainly in Spanish, as well as signs on the mild/wild sidewall, the resort website's text is in Spanish, while all other text within the resort is written in English.
  • The medicine product that Greg got for Frank on page 97 translates to "Oh, My Stomach!", which is very childish for a medicine product.
  • At the end of the book, Greg pulls open a board from the wall that separates the Mild Side and the Wild Side.
  • The kid from page 89 who was participating in the treasure dive appeared again on page 142 in the arcade playing Crumb Muncher.
  • In page 217, the translation for the picture is Attention! Contact Coral Island If you know the identity of the people in the picture above.
  • In English, Isla de Corales is translated to Island of Corals.


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