Invisible Chirag was a joke played by Greg and other students on Chirag Gupta. In the joke, Chirag has moved to India but when he came back, a bunch of children act as if Chirag is still gone. In Rodrick Rules, the joke was finally stopped when Greg was forced to apologize to Chirag's dad. In the online version, he went to Rowley's house and gave him a Twinkie and brought video games with him, when Greg went there he saw Twisted Wizard and he and Rowley were forced to quit this joke.


  • "Boy, I sure do miss Chirag."
  • "Yeah... I wonder how he's doing?"
  • "Hey, guys! I'm right here!"
  • "Did you just hear something?"
  • "Look, Giles! That frog is dissecting itself!"
  • "That's really spooky!"
  • "Nope... must have been the wind!"
  • "Is there a flea breathing on me? Because then I thought a flea was breathing on me."
  • "I wish Chirag was here. Oh,how he loved chocolate chip cookies."
  • "But I'm sitting right next to you!"
  • "I'm not even that hungry..."
  • "...33...34! There are 34 people in the class."
  • "I... AM...A...HUMAN...BEING...TOO!"
  • "If you say I exist, this corn dog is yours!"
  • "Nope, I can't even hear you or see you!"
  • "Hey, Rowley, do you think I exist?"
  • "Not as good as the regular kind, though."


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