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Igdoof was a comic Jeff Kinney made for the University of Maryland's campus newspaper. It was super popular in college, however, when Kinney tried to get it in some newspapers after he had graduated from college, he got rejected multiple times. As a result, he decided he would try to make a book, which became Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He first published the book idea on Funbrain, in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid (online version) (which can still be read on Funbrain today) to see if people would like it or not Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which was successful. As a result, Jeff Kinney searched for a book publisher, which he found at New York Comic-Con when he met Charles Kochman, and it later became a printed book. [1]     




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  1. Whos is Jeff Kinney? book by Patrick kinney (younger brother of Jeff Kinney) on Google Books (not all pages are availible there, but the information this is cited for is from that book)
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