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You can read most of the old Igdoof comics here.

Igdoof was a comic strip that Jeff Kinney made for the University of Maryland's campus newspaper, running from 1989 to 1993 (albeit in 1989 it ran in the campus newspaper of Villanova University). The comic centered around the odd titular character's freshman college life, with his dormmate Ralph. It was popular in college and even got featured in one of the Big Nate comics. However, when Kinney tried to get it in some newspapers after he had graduated from college, he was rejected multiple times. As a result, he decided he would try to make a book, which became Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He first published the book idea on Funbrain from 2003-2006 in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid online version (which is now only available in an archive) to see if people would like it or not. (This is foreshadowed by a survey that Kinney made asking if people would be interested to buy an actual copy of the book.) As a result, Jeff Kinney searched for a book publisher, which he found at New York Comic-Con of 2006 when he met Charles Kochman, and it later became a printed book. The first copies were sold at the next New York Comic-Con.[1]


  • Characters similar to Greg, MannyUgly Eugene, and Gareth The Green Bean made some cameos in some of the Igdoof comics.
  • Igdoof's caricatures of himself resemble Greg Heffley. Additionally, Igdoof's handwriting also seems reminiscent of Greg's.
  • Igdoof was created in 1989.
  • Igdoof was reportedly born on February 19, 1973.
    • February 19 is also Jeff Kinney's birthday.
  • After Igdoof appeared in one of the Big Nate comics, the Igdoof comic ran the day after (which was also the second to last ever strip) read "* a sincere and heartfelt "thanks" goes out to Lincoln Pierce, who was kind enough to draw Igdoof in yesterday's "Big Nate" comic. I'll be forever indebted! J.K."
  • Many material from Igdoof was recycled throughout the first few Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. When Kinney was asked where the comics could be read, he stated, "You can't! I'm really too embarrassed by them. Plus, I've taken all the good stuff and put it in the Wimpy Kid books :)". This material was utilized again in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: No Brainer (in this case, the "booger check" scene).
  • Igdoof had less kid-friendly topics (such as dating and college), and was aimed at young adult readers (though it didn't have any profanity).