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Ian was a teenager on Greg Heffley's soccer team as the regular goalkeeper, but was eventually discovered to be 16 years old during the events of the online book.

At soccer practice the coaches accused of Ian being too old to be on a middle school soccer team which caused a 20 minute delay of the game going through his birth certificate. Greg admits he's a giant but didn't think it mattered as the ball never went to Ian's side of the field.[1]

Ian never has to run any laps or push-ups as the team's goalie. Greg notices this and became the backup goalie. Greg Heffley is on the field with Ian and Mr. Lorry who doesn't care what he does.[2]

Later Ian was ultimately let go after a coach from one of the rival teams caught Ian driving to a soccer game, revealing that he was too old to be playing in a middle school soccer league. When Ian's true age was discovered, Greg admits that he was starting to get suspicious about how old Ian was, noting how the guy had an awful lot of facial hair for someone who was supposedly still just a middle school student. His position was handed over to Greg.[3]

In the book series, he is replaced by Tucker Fox, who is possibly closer to Greg's age group.