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I.M. Spooky is the author of the Spineticklers books series. He is mentioned and discussed in Double Down.

I.M. Spooky writes the Spineticklers books, however it's unknown if it's a pen name or the real name of the writer. Even on the about the author section it just says that the publishers don't know much about I.M. Spooky, except that he's a man, and he's writing the next book, hinting that he is reclusive, if he even exists that is. As such, when Greg Heffley and several of his classmates tried to write book reports about him, they failed. Susan thinks it is just a name for a group of authors who write the books. Greg supposes that if "I.M. Spooky" is his real name, he'd have to write scary books, and he thinks that if it is a pen name, he mustn't tell Rowley as Rowley wrote a letter to a "Mr. Spooky".


  • I.M. Spooky is likely based on Goosebumps author, R.L. Stine.
  • I.M. Spooky is a pun on the phrase "I am spooky" or "I'm spooky". As such, it would be a very big coincidence if those were his real initials, but if they are, it is unknown what they stand for.
  • If it's a fake name, it's unknown whether it's a group of authors (like Susan thinks) or a singular author.
  • According to Greg Heffley, many students, including Greg himself wrote about I.M Spooky knowing nothing about him. Greg was relying on I.M Spooky for his studies.