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Huneybuns is a donut shop where Bill Walter's girlfriend, Becky, works as the store's assistant manager at in Diper Överlöde.

In preparation for the Battle of the Bands, Rodrick Heffley pushes Bill's diet and exercise routine. To satisfy his needs, Bill regularly stops at Huneybuns for its donuts and coffee every morning before band practice. But one day, Bill gets his ice cream truck stuck under the overhang during a raining day, forcing him to crawl through the pickup window where he met face-to-face with Becky and falls in love. Once Rodrick discovers a stack of donut boxes in the ice cream truck, he confronted Bill who confesses everything. Rodrick initially allowed Bill to invite Becky over during practice however after it soon becomes an issue, Rodrick tells Bill he had to put his relationship on hold which he reluctantly agreed so he sends Greg Heffley over to Huneybuns to tell Becky the news. But Bill quickly regrets his decision and tries to reconnect with her, though fails to do so as she even refuses to take his orders at the shop.[1]

Huneybuns' donuts were tossed out to the crowd during Stank's performance at the Battle of the Bands.[2]




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