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The Heffleys' House Meetingis an event occuring in The Ugly Truth, Wrecking Ball and the online book.


The Ugly Truth[]

The first house meeting is about the bathroom situation where Susan complains about cleaning up the floor after the guys because they don't have a good aim. She suggested a rule where everyone will have to sit down on the toilet weather or not they need to. The guys didn't liked the idea so Rodrick suggests to install a bunch of urinals however Susan thought that was "tacky" therefore shutting down his idea.

In the last meeting Susan announces that she'll be resuming her college courses and will not be around the house much leaving the responsibility to the guys.

Wrecking Ball[]

The meeting is about Great-Aunt Reba passing away, and how the Heffleys' are going to receive some of the money.


  • According to Greg, the bathroom problem was mostly Rodrick making a mess from not turning on the light half the time.