Holly Hills


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Name Holly Elizabeth Hills
Age 12-14 (Original)

13-15 (Dog Days-Present)

Gender Female.png
Actor Peyton Roi List
Film Appearance? Yes
Online Appearance? Yes (as Piper Elizabeth Matthews)
Book Appearance? Yes

“Her name is Holly Hills. She's an all-star soccer player, has done professional modeling, and was her sixth-grade class president. She moved here from Oregon because her father got a big promotion. They drive a hybrid SUV, live on the north side of town in a cul-de-sac near the park.”
Chirag Gupta in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (film).

Holly Elizabeth Hills (Piper Elizabeth Matthews in the online version) is served as the love interest in the early books and the younger sister of Heather Hills. Holly is the most popular girl in Greg Heffley's grade, but she is considered to be the 4th-prettiest girl in their grade (the top three prettiest girls are mentioned to all have boyfriends). Holly and Greg possibly became a couple in the movie version of Dog Days. She lives on Pleasant Street.


While Holly gets no focus in the books and has literally only one line, her character is more fleshed out and developed in the movies, where she is revealed to be on a girls' soccer team, has done professional modeling, and used to be her sixth-grade class president (according to Chirag). She is given a girl-next-door attitude, which means that she is a sweet and caring girl with a heart of gold. She is also revealed to have a mean older sister and a spoiled younger sister, similar to Greg's brothers, which is something they bond over. At the end of the third film, Holly holds Greg's hand after Heather gets her comeuppance, possibly implying that she may like him back.

It was revealed that she was the only four-year-old in preschool who wasn't potty-trained, as told by Susan, as shown in The Last Straw when Greg and Rowley were going to the Roll-A-Round roller rink in Susan's car. She also hasn’t appeared since Hard Luck and did not appear in the Long Haul film adaptation.


Holly's appearance is thought by boys at the Westmore Middle School to be very attractive, according to how Greg describes her. She is colored black and white, like everybody else in the book. Her notable features include a round, largely sized diamond earring, an ear with an arrow depicted as the insides, she has light-colored hair that sits nicely on her shoulders and a skirt that covers her knees. In the movie, she has long, wavy golden-blonde hair, creamy pale skin, hazel-green eyes and is slightly taller than Greg (in the second movie, at least). This is normal because girls hit their growth spurt earlier than boys


Role in Rodrick Rules

Greg writes a short skit for the talent show naming it, The Boy Whose Family Thinks He's a Dog. Greg admits that one of the reasons he wrote it was so that he could get closer to Holly (who he was planning to play the mom).

Role in The Last Straw

Greg has a crush on Holly for the majority of the book and tries many things to get her attention. At the roller rink during couples' skate, Greg tries to ask Holly to skate with him but she asks if his name is Fregley and he loses interest in her.

Role in Dog Days

Holly is briefly seen in church when Greg is talking about her older sister, Heather Hills.

Role in The Ugly Truth

Holly makes a cameo in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth when Nurse Powell hands out the eggs, Holly can be seen among the girls who decorated their eggs. She also cries when Nurse Powell bins the eggs.

Role in Cabin Fever

She makes a cameo in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever.

Role in The Third Wheel

She is shown on Greg's Relationship Chart. Holly is shown to be attracted to Bryce Anderson.

Role in the Online version

Piper Matthews

In the online version, she is known as Piper Matthews and serves as Greg's love interest for a majority of the book. Piper attends a school named St. Peters. At the end of the book, Greg goes to a roller-rink at Crossland and the seventh-graders of St. Peters all get to go. In the hope of finding her there, Greg goes to the roller-rink and takes Rowley, however, he sees Piper skating with Ben Fielders and holding hands with him.


  • In the third film, Greg and Holly appear to become a couple, but in the book, they aren't. In fact, Greg fails to impress Holly because her friends took her back to the rink, much to Greg’s annoyance, and she does not have that big of a role anymore, due to Greg stating in the book that he is officially done with girls.
    • It is possible that she also dislikes Heather as she does in the movies.
  • She is shown to be attracted to Bryce Anderson.
  • In Diary of a Wimpy Kid Online, she is known as Piper Matthews and doesn't go to Greg’s school. She attends St. Peters.
  • Despite generally only making cameos (or being mentioned) in the books and only being a major character in The Last Straw, in the movies (like Patty) her role was given far more appearances and screen time to the point of being one of the main characters in Rodrick Rules (even though she is not even shown in this book, just mentioned) and Dog Days (where she is only mentioned once while Greg sees Heather Hills.)
  • She and Greg are best friends in the movies, while, in the books, they are distant acquaintances.
  • She makes a cameo in The Ugly Truth on page 108, where she is seen with some of the girls who bought their eggs back to the school safely and is also shown crying with the girls and Rowley on page 110 after their eggs were thrown in the bin by Nurse Powell.
  • In the Rodrick Rules movie, she mentions that she has a younger sister.
  • She appears in Rodrick Rules as the mom in "The Boy Whose Family Thinks He's a Dog." This is Greg's first attempt to get a chance to talk to her.
  • When she confuses Greg for Fregley, the books and movies go different ways: it is The Last Straw for the books and Rodrick Rules for the movies, and the books, Greg loses interest in her; in the movies, he is upset but doesn't lose interest in her, and Holly even apologizes to Greg about the incident.
  • After her most important appearance in The Last Straw, many of Greg's classmates look very much similar to Holly only with some minor detail. This may be because Jeffrey Chang once said that to Greg, all girls look the same.
  • She possibly makes a cameo in Hard Luck, as when Greg is imagining his future, he can be seen with a woman who looks a lot like Holly It is unknown whether or not it was her because, in The Last Straw, Greg says he lost interest in her after she thought he was Fregley.
  • In The Third Wheel, she can be seen on Greg's relationship chart showing she likes Bryce Anderson.
  • She is considered retired and it is unknown if she will make another appearance.
  • Jeff Kinney said that he intentionally gave Holly Hills a name that was an alliteration to show how she was a popular student.
  • Despite playing a major role in The Last Straw, she only has one spoken line ("Isn't your name Fregley?").
  • In the films she is new in the area,but in the books she lives a long in the city.In The Last Straw Susan mentions that Holly was also in the pre-school in the town.



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She also appeared in the online version, but her name was Piper Matthews and she attended St. Peters school and her boyfriend was Ben Fielders, Greg's old best friend. Her sister was Lori Matthews (Online counterpart of Heather Hills) and her hair was also quite different.

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