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Hipp 'O' Henry's is a restaurant seen in Diper Överlöde. It's an arcade/pizzeria for kids with an animatronic band that comes out three times a night to perform (led by a hippo named Henry). Wayne Barnes formerly worked there as a security guard before he and his bandmates came back together as Metallichihuahua. According to Greg Heffley, the store would resell pizza to unsuspecting customers when his mother used to take him there. The restaurant banned unaccompanied teenagers as they have caused a lot of troubles in the past.

Löded Diper was set to perform at The Headless Chicken but Greg forgot to bring Rodrick Heffley's drumsticks so Rodrick came up with a plan Greg would steal the drumsticks from one of the animatronics that was hiding on stage. He would be accompanied by Bill Walter, who will act as his father.

But Wayne immediately becomes very suspicious of Greg and Bill, enough to the point where he starts following them. Bill tries to hide their intentions by getting some tokens, though this quickly distracts them from their mission after playing a game of Skee-Ball. They bring their attention back to their mission when the animatronics come out and start playing. Greg and Bill waited for a distraction which they eventually got when some kid's mom went up to the manager to complain about their pizza, noting how all the slices were different sizes and had different toppings, indicating that the restaurant was reusing leftover slices of pizza and reselling them as "new" pizzas. They snuck behind the curtains and attempted to remove the drumsticks from the robotic monkey when the monkey's eyes suddenly opened, spooking Greg and Bill away. Wayne catches onto them and ensues a chase with Löded Diper's ice cream truck. They managed to outrun Wayne, getting away with a monkey paw.[1]

But the monkey paw ended up on Mackie's leg after Drew disconnected it from the speaker wires. Mackie expressed to the band on how much he wants to return the monkey paw, which he believes will set him free.[2]


  • Hipp 'O' Henry's is an obvious parody of Chuck E. Cheese's as they are both pizza restaurants with arcades and animatronics that perform. Both names also sound similar to each other.
    • There is also a reference to Chuck E. Cheese's when Hipp 'O' Henry's reuses their leftover slices for new ones, a reference to a myth about the same thing with Chuck E. Cheese's.




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