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Highway One Country Fair

The country fair.

The annual Highway 1 Country Fair was a fair where the Heffleys read about in Family Frolic, it has been running for over 130 years. In the film, it has been running for 30 years.



Upon their arrival at the fair, Greg and Rodrick, accompanied by their father, were drawn to Butter on a Stick, a choice that ran counter to their mother's aversion to fried foods. Undeterred, they proceeded to partake in this culinary indulgence.

Navigating the fairgrounds, the brothers found themselves at the Foulest Footwear contest, where Rodrick not only clinched victory but also earned a complimentary Butter on a Stick through a coupon. However, this triumph came with a humorous twist – to qualify for the national competition, Rodrick had to navigate the remainder of the fair with only one shoe.

In the livestock area, Manny's fortuitous guess of 243.1 proved closest to the actual weight of a hog, winning them an unintended prize. Despite the family's attempts to decline the pig, the judge adhered to competition rules, and the unexpected acquisition became a reality.

As they departed, the family reflected on the serendipitous and amusing experiences encountered at the fair, underscoring the unpredictable nature of such events and the inadvertent victories that transpired throughout the day.


The Heffleys leave the Sleep Tite Motel after Greg's encounter with the Beardos. The Heffleys get on the road and drive by a sign that advertised the country fair, which they went to.