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Herbie Reamer is a bully that lives in the woods at the end of Westmore Middle School's football field who terrorizes kids who are the size of Greg Heffley and even his older brother and his friends with a fearsome reputation. He replaces most of Pete Hosey's role and a few others in the online book.

He is first mentioned when Greg and Rowley Jefferson launch a model rocket that ends up being carried by the wind into Herbie's territory. [1] Greg and Rowley choose not to recover the rocket because of sensing the presence of Herbie.

Greg states he doesn't know Herbie too well but does know he has been around long enough to have terrorized Rodrick and his friends when they were in middle school. [2] The other day Greg tells his dad about Herbie who then tells Greg about his childhood bully Sam Sharman who Greg mentions wouldn't last 2 seconds against Herbie. [3]


  • Herbie has similarities to the Mingo kids.
  • It's possible that Herbie Reamer is related to Louis Reamer, as they both have the same last name.