Herbie Reamer
Herbie Reamer
Name Herbert "Herbie" Reamer
Age 19-20s[1]
Gender Male
Actor None
Film Appearance? No
Online Appearance? Yes
Book Appearance? No (replaced by Pete Hosey)

Herbert "Herbie" Reamer is one of the teenagers who pinned Greg Heffley's and Rowley Jefferson's arms behind their backs, which he teaches them a lesson just like Pete Hosey does to them. He does the things that Pete does by grabbing Rowley and Greg and dragging them to the cheese, he doesn't makes Greg eat it as Greg lies he has lactose intolerance, making Rowley eat it. He is never seen fully, but when parts of him are shown, they are silhouetted.

Greg explained that Reamer used to terrorize Rodrick and his friends when they were Greg's age so he is probably an adult.

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  1. Since he used to terrorize Rodrick and his friends when they were in middle school,he must be an adult
2. Herbie has similarities to [1]The Mingos, which appeared in the Hard Luck and Meltdown books.


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