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The Hot Tub is part of the Heffley backyard. It is a cedar wood hot tub on a wooden deck. It appeared in Old School, Wrecking Ball, and The Deep End.


Old School

In Old School, it serves as part of Grandpa's Party where Grandpa Heffley and many other ladies spend time before the party is shut down.

Wrecking Ball

In Wrecking Ball, Greg Heffley mentions that the hot tub nearly killed him twice, when Frank Heffley told him to fix the strap holding down the hot tub cover during the winter. Greg tries to do so, but just as he almost manages it, a gust of wind blows him off the deck with the hot tub cover, but luckily was cushioned by the snow on the ground. When he carries the hot tub cover up the stairs back to the back deck, he slips on the hose Frank used to fill the hot tub, and falls back down the stairs.

He also mentions that Rodrick used to sleep in the hot tub until Susan Heffley woke him up to go to bed, but one night, She forgot and Rodrick ended up sleeping on it all night which resulted in his skin getting all wrinkled the next morning, which lasted around 2 weeks, during which, he got his yearbook photo taken.

At some point a few months prior to Wrecking Ball, Frank drained the hot tub.

The hot tub was invaded by wasps when Greg and Rodrick Heffley were trying to stain the back deck, and Rodrick sprayed it with the hose as an attempt to get rid of the wasps. Both Greg and Rodrick manage to get back into the house without getting stung.

Later, the family trying to move into the Heffleys' household say they want the hot tub removed for safety issues, a decision which Greg agrees with. However, on the moving day, the crane operator the Heffleys hired in order to remove the hot tub says he cannot get to the hot tub without running over Mrs. Tuttle's flower bed, so he decides to lift the crane over the house. Unfortunately, he cannot reverse the crane, due to the furniture piled up in their yard for moving day. When Greg tries to wave off someone who thought the furniture in Greg's front yard was up for grabs, the crane operator mistakes it as a signal to reverse the crane, destroying the Heffley's living room couch in the process. This causes the hot tub to swing and destroy the Heffleys' chimney. After that, a wasp's nest that was in the Heffley's chimney got destroyed, causing the wasps to end up inside the crane, causing the operator to kick a lever that released the hot tub, causing it to crash through the Heffley's house.

The Deep End

The hot tub is mentioned and shown briefly in The Deep End as the reason the house was destroyed and why they had to live at Gramma's.