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Heffley family's cabinets is a storage cabinet where the Heffley's stores their food. It is mainly managed by Susan Heffley and is filled with terrible, healthy and sometimes bizarre products picked out by Manny and Susan in Big Shot.[1]

Greg and the rest of his family other than Susan and Manny hates them, which is why they don't eat them, causing Susan to not buy any new snacks. To solve this, Greg invites his best friend, Rowley Jefferson, for "tasting parties" where he makes Rowley eat them.

Lists Of Items[]

Items Susan picked out[]

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This lists the items that were picked out by Susan which are usually healthy alternatives over junk food, which includes:

  • Beet Dip
  • Chickpea Clusters
  • Haddock Skin Chips
  • Prune Jerky
  • Seaweed Bars
  • Sweet Potato Cookies

Items Manny picked out[]

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This lists the items that Manny chose while shopping with Susan which are random and weird products to Manny's likings which includes:

  • Ham Chews
  • Lard
  • Perfect Shade
  • Quail Eggs
  • Silver Fox Adult Diapers


  • One of Manny's items, the Ham Chews, features a pig similar to the one previously owned by the Heffleys on its box.
  • It should be noted that one of the food items Susan bought is a box of "Chickpea Clusters", as Greg has previously stated his allergy to chickpeas in Wrecking Ball.




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