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The Heffley Family is the center around the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, and the main characters in the books. They are generally a middle-class family, living in the suburbs of the United States in Plainview. The Heffley Family also got banned from going to Isla de Corales because they stole some clothes.

Family Members

Heffley Family

  • Rodrick Heffley - The oldest son, band member, brother of Manny and Greg.
  • Susan Heffley - Wife of Frank Heffley, PTA member, mother of Rodrick, Manny, and Greg. She was Ann Heffley in the online book
  • Manny Heffley - Youngest son, brother of Rodrick and Greg.
  • Frank Heffley - Husband of Susan Heffley, office worker.
  • Greg Heffley - Middle son, middle schooler or high schooler, main character. 

Extended Family

Frank's Side

The reunion picture.

Susan's Side

Former Members

These are people that were the ex-spouse of any person in the family, Gary's ex-wives are the only known ones.

  • Linda (ex-spouse of Gary)
  • Charlene (ex-spouse of Gary)/Cindy (online version) (ex-spouse of Gary)
  • Lydia (ex-spouse of Gary)

Possible Former Members

  • Sonja (possible ex-spouse of Gary) / Linda (online) (possible ex-spouse of Gary)

Deceased Members


  • Nutty-Frank's deceased dog
  • Rudy (online only) 
  • Sweetheart - formerly The Heffleys' dog, now Gramma’s. Sweetie Pie in the Online Book
  • The Pig - a piglet won by Manny at a fair
  • Chameleon - A pet chameleon kept by Frank as a kid
  • Aunt Gretchen's pets
    • Three dogs
    • A rabbit
    • Two cats
    • A bird
    • A mouse
    • A snake
    • A chameleon
    • Many bunnies
  • Gramma's pet cat, possibly deceased.
  • Greg's Angelfish-deceased, eaten by Rodrick's fish.
  • Manny's Goldfish-online book only, deceased.
  • Rodrick's Fish-deceased in the online book, still alive in the series but not mentioned since Dog Days.
  • Manny's cat-a cat that Manny owns

Possible Pets

1) Greg's Pet Goat- In Cabin Fever, Greg mentions that he won a pet goat in a state fair, however Frank Hellfy refused his son to keep it. Susan got him a make-up gift.


Greg imagining himself in Heaven looking down on his Great-Grandkid ("Greg V or Greg The Fifth")

Greg often imagines his future descendants.

  • Greg, Jr. ("Will you give a hotdog to Mr. Rowley, Greg Jr.?" - Greg Sr)
  • Greg's son ("Yeah, whatever Pops!" - Greg's son in Old School)
  • Greg's children who play computer games all the time.
  • Greg's overweight great-grandkid (from Double Down)
  • Greg's great-nephews, descendants of Rodrick.
  • Greg's various imagined wives. (Holly Hills)
  • Frank's imagined versions of his sons ("I think Dad thinks Rodrick is gonna turn into Bill, then I'll turn into Rodrick, and Manny turns into me, then eventually we all become Bill.") (Movie only)
  • Greg's clones who demand money.
  • Rodrick's wife and kid from 2032
  • Himself in the heavens


  • The Heffley brothers (or at least 2 of them) appear to have a specific family member that favors them: the grandmother likes Manny the most, and the grandfather likes Greg the most. This makes Rodrick the only Heffley brother to not have a family member favoring him, but he does not really care.