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The Heffley family is the center around the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, and the main characters in the books. They are a middle-class family, living in the suburbs of the United States in Plainview.

Most of the Heffleys' extended family live in the general vicinity, with a few relatives residing in farther places such as California or Seattle.

Family members[]

Main Heffley family[]

  • Frank Heffley - Husband of Susan Heffley, office worker, father of Rodrick, Greg and Manny
  • Susan Heffley - Wife of Frank Heffley, mother of Rodrick, Greg, and Manny. She was Ann Heffley in the online book.
  • Rodrick Heffley - The oldest son, band member, high schooler, brother of Manny and Greg.
  • Greg Heffley - The second son of Frank and Susan Heffley, middle schooler, main character.
  • Manny Heffley - The youngest son of Frank and Susan Heffley, brother of Rodrick and Greg.

Extended family[]

Frank's side[]

Susan's side[]

Former members[]

These are people that were the ex-spouse of any person in the family, but currently Gary's ex-wives are the only known ones.

  • Linda (ex-spouse of Gary)
  • Charlene (ex-spouse of Gary)/Cindy (online version) (ex-spouse of Gary)
  • Lydia (ex-spouse of Gary)

Possible Former Members[]

  • Sonja (possible ex-spouse of Gary) / Linda (online) (possible ex-spouse of Gary)

Deceased members[]


  • Nutty - Frank's deceased dog
  • Rudy - (online only)
  • Sweetie - formerly The Heffley's dog, now Gramma's.
  • The Pig - a piglet won by Manny at a fair
  • Chameleon - A pet chameleon kept by Frank as a kid
  • Aunt Gretchen's pets:
    • Three dogs
    • A rabbit
    • Two cats
    • A bird
    • A mouse
    • A snake
    • A chameleon
    • Many bunnies
  • Gramma's pet cat - possibly deceased.
  • Greg's Angelfish - deceased, eaten by Rodrick's fish.
  • Greg's current fishes - shown in the movies. There are several in a fishtank in Greg's room.
  • Manny's Goldfish - online only, deceased.
  • Rodrick's Piranha-Fish - deceased in the online book, still alive in the series but not mentioned since Dog Days.
  • Frisky - a cat that Manny owns
  • Henry - deceased, a dog formerly owned by Gramma
  • Killer - a large, black dog that is owned by Joe Heffley
  • Squirm - deceased, an inchworm that was owned by Greg Heffley

Possible Pets[]

• Greg's Pet Goat- In Cabin Fever, Greg mentions that he won a pet goat in a state fair, however Frank Heffley refused his son to keep it. Susan got him a make-up gift, which was a gobstopper.


  • Some of the Heffley brothers appear to have a specific family member that favors them: the grandmother likes Manny the most, and the grandfather likes Greg the most. This makes Rodrick the only Heffley brother to not have a family member favoring him, but he dosen't really care.
  • The Heffley family is loosely based off Jeff Kinney's own family.