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I am going to kill you!
Heather to Rodrick after he accidentally breaks a decoration at her Sweet 16

Heather Hills (known as Lori Matthews in the online book) is the older sister of Holly Hills and a teenage girl in Rodrick Heffley's grade. She is a notable character in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, appearing in Rodrick Rules and played a prominent role in Dog Days and served as the main antagonist in the Dog Days (2012 film).


Rodrick Rules

Heather babysits Rowley Jefferson while his parents were gone. Greg harbors a crush on her. Whenever Rowley's parents go out, Greg would go to Rowley's house at 8:00 PM and one night splash on Rodrick's cologne to make sure he makes a good impression on her. She was later replaced by Leland, which surprised Greg and started complaining how his parents needed to keep Heather. Also, she appears in Rodrick's old yearbook.

Dog Days

Greg notices Heather in a lifeguard chair in one of the photos from the Fourth of July trip that he scanned through. He couldn't believe that he didn't notice her because it was crowded on that day. Seeing Heather tear up a lot of Greg's plans and set his main focus towards getting a high school girlfriend before school starts. He doesn't mention Heather to his Mom as the main reason why he went to the pool with her and Manny Heffley.

Dog Days149

Every time Greg visits the pool, he becomes a servant and essentially does all her work. The whole time Heather doesn't seem to care about Greg and just sits in her lifeguard chair until her next shift. One day a kid threw up behind her chair and she looked at Greg and waited for him to clean up the mess. But Greg was traumatized beforehand and decided to call off his plans. Heather doesn't seem too happy about cleaning the mess. [2]

Rodrick Rules (2011 film)

Heather is briefly mentioned in Rodrick Rules film and seen at Plainview's Most Talented laughing alone with the crowd. She is described by Holly Hills as a female equivalent of Rodrick, possibly like how Greg is possibly Holly's male counterpart. As Heather is a valley girl, she has first-world issues, and doesn't care about anything but herself, as shown in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (film) where she says for Holly to get in the car and says she doesn't care if Holly is signing Greg's yearbook.

Dog Days (2012 film)

She later appears in the third film as a love interest of Rodrick and one of the main antagonists, acting like a bigger jerk than Rodrick, being a stereotypical self-centered teenage girl. Greg hates Heather in the movie, describing her as "Rodrick in a dress".

She first shows up to pick Holly from school, and when Rodrick tries to flirt with her, she runs over his foot. She naturally goes to the same Country Club as her family, getting a job there as a lifeguard. She acts rude to almost everyone, including her own parents, only thinking about her upcoming sweet sixteen and even ignores Rodrick, when he pretends to drown to get her attention. Greg manages to get her to hire Rodrick's Band for her birthday. While there, it falls into ruins when she angrily reacts to Rodrick's rock cover of Justin Bieber's "Baby". Just then, Rodrick accidentally knocks down the ice sculpture, which enrages her further and she tries to hit Rodrick with a microphone stand. But, he ducks down and Heather hits the chocolate fountain, which causes it to spray all over Heather and Madison. Rodrick tried to comfort her but she and him slip in the liquid chocolate and fall. All the guests leave the party after seeing Heather's outburst. Greg apologized to Holly, but she said she was happy and that she thought that Heather fairly deserved it.


In the online book, her name is Lori Matthews and she is the oldest of the three Matthews sisters in the Matthews family, she also just like in the book babysits Rowley. however, she was fired for smoking after putting Rowley to bed, hinting that she smokes regularly. Greg says that she is the prettiest of the Matthews sisters, but then Greg later says Piper Matthews is the prettiest.[3]


  • Heather's appearance in the books came from Susan Horn, one of Rodrick's classmates in the online book.[4]
  • Heather has a close resemblance to her sister Holly. Heather has long hair and wears pitch-black earrings in both of her ears. In the film, she is also blonde like Holly.
  • Heather is shown to be extremely ill-mannered in the film series, but in the books, she makes too little appearances to know what her personality is like in them. One small hint of her personality in the books, though, could be from being Rowley's previous babysitter.
  • Why Heather was replaced by Leland is unknown in Rodrick Rules , but in Online Version, it states that she was fired for smoking outside Rowley's house after she had put him to bed.
  • There are two differences in Heather's love life in the book version and movie version.
    • In the book version, Greg had a big crush on Heather.
    • In the movie version, Heather is the love interest of Rodrick.
  • In the end of the Dog Days film, it is revealed that Heather's age is 16.
  • Despite the country club requiring employees to be 18 and up, she somehow has a job there. It is likely she lied about her age or circumvented the rules. Though given that Heather is not really that smart, it's more likely the former (that she lied about her age).
    • Another possibility could be she was in a volunteer position, as she mentioned that the only reason she was working there was to get credit for her college application.
  • Heather is often confused with a character in Rodrick Rules film called Rachel Lewis who was played by Melissa Roxburgh, so this led people to thinking that Heather was once Rodrick's girlfriend but it was Rachel.
  • She might be retired since she hasn't appeared since Dog Days, since Greg stated that she was going to college in the fall.
  • She is also a fan of Justin Bieber, according to Rodrick.
  • In the movie, Heather drives a convertible, and has her own cell phone.
  • In the books, not much is known about Heather's personality, since she makes too little appearances. Given that she was Rowley's babysitter, it may possibly serve as a hint that she could actually be nicer than her film counterpart.
    • In the film, as the main antagonist, her personality is shown to be that of the ultimate stereotypical valley girl. She is extremely ignorant, rude, spoiled, narcissistic, selfish, ill-mannered, self-absorbed, lazy, entitled, mean-spirited, cold-hearted, dense, obnoxious, bossy, cranky, grumpy, scary, loud, brash, as well as plain oblivious. Although Holly and Greg both describe her as the female-equivalent of Rodrick, she is shown to be far more ill-mannered, obnoxious, and mean-spirited than him, seeing everyone else as beneath her and caring about absolutely nobody but herself, not even her own family, and shows no remorse or regret for her actions. While Rodrick has a few redeeming qualities, Heather has none. In addition, her actions tend to be extremely reckless, as she once threatened to leave Holly behind at the club, acted rude to a girl when she asked for directions to the snack bar (even the girl called her out for her behavior by stating there's no need to be rude), refused to help Rodrick when he was “drowning”, and tried assaulting Rodrick when he accidentally knocked over her sculpture of her, destroying her cake in the process. and splattering it all over and Madison. Not helping is that Heather is a karma Houdini who doesn't get in trouble for her actions.




Dog Days

Dog Days (2012 film)


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