Headless Asylum

Headless Asylum is the name of one of Rodrick's heavy-metal discs with a parental warning. A few years before Cabin Fever, it was a few days until Christmas was coming and Susan told Greg not to open his presents early. But Greg wanted to see what a present was, so when his parents weren't there, he sneaked down stairs and opened the present and found out that it was the exact video-game he wanted. Usually, he would play the video game when his parents were asleep and eventually beat the game. Meanwhile, Greg realized that the box might feel light, so he put the CD into the box, since Rodrick CD was heavier. During Christmas, when Greg was opening his presents, he found that he forgot to remove the music CD. Susan thought the Game Hut clerk sold this to Greg, so she went there to make a complaint. It only appears in Cabin Fever.

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