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Hands on a Van was a contest at a car dealership where the last person to keep their hand on a van wins it. It occurs in Diper Överlöde.[1]


After Rodrick's van got rear-ended, rendering the back doors unusable, Rodrick and his bandmates decided to enter this contest to have four times the chance of winning the van. However, the competition proved to be much stiffer than they thought and Löded Diper was completely unprepared for several reasons:

  • There ended up being way more people competing for the van that Rodrick and his bandmates had anticipated.
  • A bunch of the other contestants had brought stuff like coolers full of food with them, indicating that they had a feeling that the contest would end up taking a long time.
  • Since all contestants had to keep at least one hand on the vehicle at all times in order to have a chance of actually winning, that meant that the contestants couldn't leave for things like bathroom breaks.

Drew was the very first person to drop out of the competition; he had drunk a bunch of soda prior to arriving and couldn't hold it in for that long. After Drew left, it was a very long time before someone dropped out. After noticing how some of the other contestants prepared in advance by bringing food with them, Rodrick called his mom and asked her to bring some food down to him, Bill and Mackie. Susan was busy, so she sent Greg down to contest on his bike with some sandwiches for his brother and the other guys. Greg stuck around for a little while after giving the guys their food but eventually went back home.

When Greg woke up the next morning and realized that Rodrick and the others were still at the competition, Susan sent him down to the car dealership with some bagels and orange juice for Rodrick and the other guys. After arriving at the dealership, Greg noticed how a bunch of people ended up dropping out overnight, but there was still a handful of people with their hands on the van, Rodrick, Bill and Mackie being among them. Some of other contestants started playing mind games to psych out the other contestants, and Mackie ended up dropping out after getting annoyed with a guy who started reading every single name in the phone book out loud.

Sleep deprivation also started taking a toll on some of the contestants; one lady got eliminated for trying to pet a dog that wasn't even there. When it seemed like Bill and Rodrick were the only contestants left, they got into a huge argument about who of them should take ownership of the vehicle. They eventually made a compromise, but when they took their hands off the van to shake on it, it turns out that there was one more contestant on the opposite side of the van who still had his hand on the car, making him the winner.



  • This competition is very similar to a format of challenges done by American YouTuber MrBeast, in which contestants keep their hands on something expensive to win it.
    • It could also be based on the "Hands on a Hard Body" contest from the 90's-2000's Sitcom That '70s Show, where the character Michael Kelso wins a van from a radio station hosting a similar contest.



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