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Greg and Rowley's haunted house is the haunted house created by Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson who were inspired by the Crossland haunted house in Diary of a Wimpy Kid and by Bryce Anderson's restaurant in the online book. It took place in Rowley's basement undercover from his parents.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

The flyers

After seeing the money Crossland High School made from their haunted house, Greg decides to make his own. Since Susan Heffley doesn't authorize Greg to convert the first floor of their house to a full-on haunted mansion, he decides to his do his business over at Rowley's basement with him helping. Greg rebuffs telling Rowley's parents as he thought they would have the same reaction as Susan. Greg and Rowley spent most of the day sketching out their plan for the haunted house eventually ending up with something that Greg thought was way better than Crossland High School's haunted house. Greg knew that they needed to persuade people to go to the haunted house, so they quickly made a bunch of flyers that all stretched the truth in order to get little kids to show up. By the time Greg and Rowley finished putting up their flyers it was 2:30, about half an hour until the haunted house was advertised to start. Because of their very little time to make it, they had to cut corners from their original plan.

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After seeing how many kids came Greg quickly increased the admission from fifty cents to two bucks. The first kid in line was Shane Snella and he paid the admission. Shawn got traumatised halfway through the Hall of Screams and curled up into a ball. Greg and Rowley tried to get Shawn out, but he wouldn't budge. Eventually, Robert Jefferson came downstairs and wanted what was going on, Greg told him they were running a haunted house and Shawn paid for them to do this, but Robert didn't believe it (probably because it didn't look like a haunted house as all they had gotten done was the Hall of Screams and the Lake of Blood which was just Rowley's baby pool filled with ketchup). Even after Greg showed him the original plan Robert still wasn't convinced and shut the whole thing down. The only thing Greg got out of the whole haunted house situation was Shawn's money as Robert didn't believe that they were running a legitimate operation.[1]


In the online book, Bryce's restaurant's success inspired Greg to create a haunted house with his main motivation being getting enough money to get his own TV set. He and Rowley got permission from Rowley's dad to set it up in their basement as long as it was cleaned up by 5:00. By the time Greg and Rowley finished putting up their flyers all over the neighborhood it was already 2:00 and had to cut out a lot of the original plan. Greg also changed the price to $1.50 when there was a line of kids outside.

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When Shane got stuck in the Halls of Screams, Rowley tells his dad and he called Mr. Smedley which took 20 minutes for him to arrive. Mr. Smedley thought Greg and Rowley was picking on Shane because the basement didn't look like a haunted house. They eventually got Mr. Smedley to believe Greg and Rowley were hosting a haunted house but he made them refund Shane's money and led Mr. Jefferson to completely cancel the whole thing. [2]

When Greg and Rowley attends The Labyrinth, he states that their haunted house put his and Rowley's to shame.[3]

Planned features[]

  • Hall of Screams
  • Lake of Blood
  • Bottomless Pit
  • Rat Tunnel
  • Maze of 1,000 Skulls
  • Knife Alley
  • Hand Hall
  • Death Slide
  • Acid Lake (Acid Puddle in the online book)


  • In the game Little Big Planet, the Haunted House was made as a level lots of times.




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