Greg Heffley has received 16 detentions. He received 1 each in The Last Straw, Class Clown & The Third Wheel. He received 10 in The Meltdown. He received 3 in Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid.

List Of Detentions

  • 1st Detention: For sleeping in class in The Last Straw.
  • 2nd Detention: For being disrespectful to a teacher in the Class Clown short.
  • 3rd Detention: For selling a fake elevator pass to a 6th grader. Greg himself bought the pass on his first day in middle school. This occurred in The Third Wheel.
  • 4th-13th Detentions: In The Meltdown, a substitute teacher taught at the school. Greg and his friends decided to prank him by switching their names. The boy who said his name was Greg Heffley started misbehaving. The substitute teacher told the principal that "Greg Heffley" had been misbehaving. This caused the real Greg to recieve 10 detentions.
  • 14th-16th Detentions: In Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid, Greg got caught copying off Rowley's paper on a math test. Ms. Beck gave him 3 detentions and made him retake the test.

Teachers Who Gave Greg Detention


  • Due to having over three detentions, Greg can no longer run for student council.
  • Greg got in trouble at school in Cabin Fever for defacing school property; however he never received aetention.
  • Mr. Ray monitored Greg’s 1st and 2nd detention. It is unknown who monitored his 3rd though 16th.
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