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Greg Heffley's yard sale was a yard sale Greg Heffley did to earn cash off of the clutter in his closet. It appears in Wrecking Ball.[1]

Susan Heffley makes Greg do some spring cleaning in his closet. After reminiscing about his childhood, Greg eventually reaches the end of his wardrobe and asks Susan what to do next. She tells him to put them in piles to either keep, donate or discard however Greg finds that lame and figures if he's going to give away his clutter he might as well gross so he decides to do a yard sale. Susan thinks that's an excellent idea and gave Greg an issue of Family Frolic that gave pointers on how to do them right. Greg finds the ideas in the magazine corny and old-fashioned however so he went separate paths. There was a section on how to advertise a yard sale and all the examples they presented were dull; Greg knew that if he wanted people to actually show up he needed to do something more striking so he produces his own signs and claims that there is $100 on the pavement at their house on it. Greg attempts to head down the neighbourhood to deposit them down but Susan stops him and makes him replace them with signs more akin to the ones in the magazine.

Susan in angry looks refuses to buy Greg's paper flower from Yard Sale

After stapling them around the street, Greg hauled his stuff downstairs and sorted them up into categories. After finalizing everything up, Susan came downstairs astonished and she attempted to purchase the paper flower that Greg made in preschool for three bucks. Greg pushes his deal too far though and she ends up buying nothing. While waiting for customers to arrive, Greg becomes paranoid of people stealing his stuff so he calls Rowley Jefferson to sentry the items. Rowley catches eye of him vending his birthday gifts and labeling them "for nerds" and starts fighting with Greg. The first consumers start arriving and Greg tells they will deal with it later.


One lady is intrigued by Greg's uncle's collector coin however she complains about it being dented so Greg decides to make it sound more valuable by claiming it was dented because it stopped a bullet in World War II. She ultimately ends up not buying it as the coin was dated last year. Greg starts being concerned that people were stealing behind his back and asks Rowley who was messing around with his Magnet Fun set to do his job or else he would get fired. However Rowley argues that it was not a real job anyway as he wasn't getting paid and starts to leave. Greg persuades Rowley to continue guarding his items by permitting him to pick out one item from any table. Rowley goes to the Rare Items and Greg explains to him that was for paying shoppers only however he wouldn't yield. Eventually he picks out the Vampire Bat Shield which Greg didn't mind as it was just a broken umbrella. While Rowley started daunting about bats, Greg mistakes a guy for stuffing an action figure in his pocket when he only had used tissues and his car keys.

Greg is shocked to see a guy from Whirley Street takes the trash into the truck

Everything starts crumbling apart when a Whirley Street Kid started piling up Greg's stuff into the back as since the next day was trash day he thought the stuff by the kerb was for grabs. Greg didn't have time to clarify that they were having a yard sale as it had started raining and everyone was going back home. Greg tried to make some quick final sales by making some steals but it started utmost raining and it was too late. Greg asks Rowley to cover his Vampire Bat Shield over his most valuable items in a box while he got everything sheltered however he said his shift had ended and he needed to go.

Wet garage

It took Greg a hundred trips to get everything inside but he figures he probably shouldn't have bothered anyway as most of his stuff was already derelict. Greg still tries to make another sale to Susan for the paper flower but by then she had changed her mind. In the end while his yard sale didn't work out, Greg was grateful that he wasn't able to vend his clutter cheaply as it would be worth a lot more money in the future.


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