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Greg's relationship chart is a chart made by Greg Heffley to keep track of the dating history of everyone at his school. Though he states that has a long way to go, he makes an incomplete version of it. The chart appears in The Third Wheel.[1]

Known Characters[]

Greg Heffley

The following is a breakdown of the identified characters in the chart.


  • At least eight of the unnamed characters in the chart appear later during the Valentine's Day Dance. They are:
    • The boy who likes Hillary Pine
    • The boy who likes Bethany Breen
    • The girl who is liked by two unnamed boys
    • Both of the boys who like the aforementioned girl (she goes out with the boy who broke up)
    • The girl who was broken up with (she goes out with the boy who likes her)
    • The unnamed couple
      • In addition, the unnamed girl with a ponytail appears in the book prior to the dance when she witnesses Rowley Jefferson tripping in the cafeteria.
  • In the Relationship Chart, Jamar Law is shown with his teeth protruding, but in a later book, his teeth are not visible when his mouth is closed. This is most likely an error on Jeff Kinney's part.
  • Bryce Anderson is the most popular person shown on the chart, as four different girls like him.



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