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Greg and Rowley coming up ideas on making a flag for the snow fort

Greg's Clan is a clan Greg and Rowley founded in The Meltdown.

The Founding of The Clan[]

When Susan told them they had to spend the entire day outside, they built an igloo. But, when some kids destroyed it, Greg cried and told Susan. Susan said he had to sort it out but his Frank told him they declared war. So they founded a clan. Rowley wanted it to be named Hufflepuff, but Greg said no. It is unknown if the clan was named, but they made a flag. Greg said a wolf would be cool, and Rowley said an ax would be cool, so they combined the two. So they went outside and built a fort with the flag.

The First Defeat[]

After they built the fort, kids targeted it immediately. After a few moments, Greg and Rowley had to flee from the fort. It was later destroyed.

The Next Day[]

After getting supplies from Mitchell Pickett, Greg went to the small plateau where the fort used to be, which was to the side of the street itself. People stole his idea and were fighting between themselves in their own clans. Greg saw one fort which was on the high ground and he (thought) he took it over. But it already had someone in it: Baby Gibson. They joined forces and drove out invading forces for a while.

The Second Defeat[]

They couldn't drive them out for so long. Some preschoolers tunneled through and entered and the Guiterriez clan began shooting at them. Quickly, the preschoolers laid siege and took it over. Greg and Rowley were driven out, and it isn't known what happened to Baby Gibson.

The Meeting[]

When Joseph O'Rourke lost a couple of teeth to an ice-ball, a meeting was held to settle on the rules. But when they saw Lower Surrey Street sled on their hill, the reunified and built a wall and began attacking them.

The Aftermath[]

During the final stages of the battle, Greg and Rowley gave up and hid underneath a collapsed section of the wall. Then, a snowplow broke through and the war ended, as well as the clans of the now unified Upper Surrey Street.