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The Great Wall of China is a real life world wonder that is located in China. It was originally made to protect the country from the northern side as early as the 7th century BCE. Later, it was completed in 1878 by the Ming dynasty. It appears in The Long HaulWrecking Ball and Big Shot.


The Long Haul[]

Greg says that his friend Rowley sent a bunch of Flat Stanleys to his relatives and got lots of cool pictures back. He even sent him to his uncle who lives in Asia, and took a picture of Flat Stanley in the Great Wall of China.[1]

Wrecking Ball[]

When Greg and Rowley came back from school that afternoon, there was a lot of workers and heavy machinery in their yard, Greg got excited because it was happening for real. There was a guy in backhoe digging the hole for foundation, As According to Greg, it was rather crazy how powerful that thing is. Greg and Rowley imagine that they tried digging a hole to China, they quit afterwards. But think that if they could use a backhoe to dig them into China, they could pull it off.[2]

Big Shot[]

At the gym, Greg wanted to try out the equipment with screens on them but people were hogging them and staying on longer then they were supposed too. So to pass time, Greg changed the channel on the TV to something more interesting. When a lady using one of the equipment got up to change the channel back, Greg went back to the equipment. There was a big screen on the treadmill where you could choose all these famous places to take your walk and Greg chose the Great Wall of China.[3]




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