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Great Uncle Bruce was Greg Heffley's great-uncle, who passed away a few years prior to the events of Cabin Fever from an unknown disease. He is also mentioned in The Third Wheel when Greg uses his old cologne.


Cabin Fever[]

Greg mentions him in an anecdote about the hand-knit blanket Bruce used in the hospital. The blanket had been passed off to Greg after his death. Greg immediately stopped using it after viewing a photograph of Bruce wearing the blanket, and pawned it off to his brother, Rodrick Heffley on his birthday.[1]

The Third Wheel[]

He was later mentioned in The Third Wheel at the dance. Greg had put on his cologne, thinking it was safer than Rodrick's body spray.[2] However, he regretted that later on because Bruce's deodorant attracted the old ladies who attended the dance after the meeting.[3]



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