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Grandpa Heffley's online girlfriends are several women who Grandpa finds on a dating site in Old School. After his break-up with Darlene after leaving Leisure Towers, Grandpa was lonely and wanted a new girlfriend. He got into online dating but accidentally started at least fifty relationships with other women. He makes the same mistake by accidentally inviting all the women over to his house when he intended just one date with one woman. He makes it into a party which turns out to be successful until the women are kicked out by Frank Heffley. It is unknown whether the women are still in love with Grandpa after this.

Known Girlfriends[]

  • Belinda
  • Martha
  • Sylvie
  • Bethany
  • Tiffany
  • Marjorie


  • Of the named women; Belinda, Martha, Sylvie, and Marjorie attended the party.
  • It is believed that Martha died sometime between Old School and Wrecking Ball as she is seen in Heaven as imagined by Greg Heffley. It is most likely Double Down where she died.
    • She is seen as one of Greg's deceased relatives, making it possible she was briefly married to Grandpa before her death.
  • The stragglers who hid in the closet are this second time someone snuck and stayed after a party ended. The first time was when a guest was asleep in the house after Greg and Rodrick were cleaning the house after Rodrick's Party in the Rodrick Rules Film.