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Gramma's basement is a notable location that appears starting from Hard Luck. This is where The Heffley's lived after the events of Wrecking Ball. The Heffleys would move back into their house in Big Shot.


Hard Luck[]

When Greg tricks Susan into borrowing her phone, he sees a text from Gramma asking Frank and Greg to move the piano to her basement and replies "no" lying that they are doing father and son activities.[1] He also mentions that, during family gatherings, all the little kids go down to the basement until it's time to eat.[2]

Double Down[]

Greg mentions that Gramma's basement is still unfinished.

The Meltdown[]

Because of the cold, Greg and Rowley try to find a place where they could warm up. They finally manage to hide at Gramma's place while she is on vacation, but while they are drying their clothes off, they hear someone coming down into the basement and they arm themselves, thinking it's a burglar, but they end up almost attacking Greg's mother with a toilet plunger and a handbag.[3]

To Greg's surprise, Susan isn't mad at him at all, even congratulating him for "using his imagination" rather than screens. Greg wishes she'd grounded him instead, not knowing what she thought they were doing.

The Deep End[]

In The Deep End everyone sleeps in one room, and Greg sleeps next to Rodrick. He wanted to stay in the guest room, but it was taken by Sweetie. Then Greg tells that when Gramma's friends visit her, the family must stay in the basement, but they can't go to the bathroom. They can't go to the kitchen either, so Rodrick just heated the pizza in the dryer once. There's no TV too, so they entertain themselves with a puppet show by Susan. Susan says they can just use their imagination, but Greg dreams about sending Rodrick to space every time. When Frank has a meeting, they must sit quietly, which is hard because of Manny. Greg can solve Gramma's puzzles, but Manny always wants to put the last piece. Sometimes they play a board game as a family, but they have to choose the easiest one because Manny can't handle complicated rules. They have to go to bed before it's even dark because they are on Manny's schedule. Manny's favourite picture book he reads when going to bed is about the Noah's Ark, where Noah saved all animals from a storm on his ship. The illustrations in Manny's book make it look like a big flood was a lot of fun. But Greg thought that if the drawings were more realistic, people wouldn't buy it. Greg says that if he was Noah, he would not save snakes and scorpions. He would use the extra space to save more cute animals. Luckily, Noah didn't find a place for fish, but they probably didn't know the flood was happening. But Greg doesn't understand why Noah let birds on the ark because they could've flown. Greg also wonders what awesome animals lived before the flood and didn't make it to the boat. Noah was stuck on the boat for 190 days with his wife and his three children, so every time Greg thinks about Noah, he's feeling better. Susan is happy because the time slowed down when they are together, but Greg didn't like it. Rowley was on another trip to Europe - Greg tried to give Rowley hints so he could go with Rowley, but the boy didn't understand. Susan said that they could travel using imaginations, but Greg didn't like the idea. When they all thought about the place they can go to in real life, Frank wanted to go to a bunch of Civil War battlefields. Manny wanted to go to the Animal Safari park. Susan wanted to visit places in their own country. And Greg and Rodrick wanted to go to the Thrills and Spills park. That's because they have a new Track Jumper coaster. Susan said these rides were not for Manny, but Greg didn't want to go to the Storybook Village Park, which is for kids. Greg suggested that every member will go on their holiday. But Susan wanted to spend time as a family.




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