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I love all my grandchildren the same.
Gramma refusing the claim that she favors Manny the most

Gramma is the maternal grandmother of Greg Heffley, Rodrick Heffley and Manny Heffley and their twin cousins Malvin and Malcolm, the mother of Susan Heffley, Aunt Cakey, Aunt Veronica, Aunt Audra and Aunt Gretchen, the sister of Great Aunt Martha and Great Aunt Beatrice, the daughter of Meemaw and Peepaw, and the mother-in-law of Frank Heffley. She tends to favor Manny, but she denies this. According to Greg in online book, she has many photos of Manny and only has one of Greg's head from the back and none of Rodrick's. She was married to Grampa, whom she is a widow of.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid[]

Gramma first appears during Halloween when Rowley uses her bathroom.[1] Greg and Rowley hide in her house after being chased by the teenagers but are forced to head back home by Susan because it's a school night. The next day on the bus to school, Greg feels sort of bad that the teenagers had toilet papered and egged her house but rebuffs his guilt by stating Gramma is retired and probably didn't have anything to do.[2]

Rodrick Rules[]

As a way for Greg and Rodrick to earn Mom Bucks, Susan has the boys rake Gramma's leaves. Due to Rodrick's advice of tying the bag from the bottom, Gramma is not happy to hand over her hot chocolate stating they hadn't raked any of her leaves properly, but had to, as she made a deal that if they rake, she will give them hot chocolate. Manny is dropped off at Gramma's house while his parents go on vacation, because she favors him which she repeatedly denies stating that she "loves all her grandchildren equally".

The Last Straw[]

When Greg was in trouble with his parents, he invited Gramma over for dinner because Frank doesn't get mad when Gramma is there. Greg later comes to her bingo.

Dog Days[]

It is shown that she had a dog named Henry but after his death she starts buying and reading tabloids. Gramma would believe everything on the tabloids like "cordless telephones erases the memory of the elderly" which she claims to be from The New York Times which led a visit from Susan to make sure she was OK. Susan would always take Gramma's tabloids and throw them in the trash at home.[3]

Greg later calls Gramma to be his reference for his first V.I.P. Lawn Service customer, Mrs. Canfield, however she reminded Greg of the piles of leaves that he left on her lawn last fall and asks him if he was going to come over and finish the job. Greg gets around this by doing an impression of Gramma to Mrs. Canfield. [4]

Greg and Rowley only got hold of a lawn mower because they borrowed one from Gramma who wasn't home at that time and keeps her side door unlocked.[5]

Whenever Gramma needs something, she prays to God such as the time she lost her coupon saving book.[6][7]

Frank gives Sweetie to her at the end of the book.[8]

The Ugly Truth[]

Frank and Susan drop Greg and his brothers off at Grandpa's retirement home instead of Gramma's house because she was on a cruise.

Cabin Fever[]

Greg wishes that he could switch spots with Sweetie during the blizzard, because Gramma overfeeds him. When they went over to her house, she had given the guest room to Sweetie and forces Greg and Rodrick to sleep together on her pull-out couch.

The Third Wheel[]

Gramma is seen in a few of the flashbacks Greg has from when he was a baby. It's revealed that when Greg was being born, Gramma was watching Rodrick. When they returned from the hospital, Greg found out he wasn't an only child. Later on in the book, she is seen in a picture.

Hard Luck[]

Gramma is seen and mentioned throughout the book. She is having construction on her street, so Greg has to take a detour on the walk home right near the Mingo kids.[9] Gramma later makes a cameo in a picture in Aunt Cakey's living room.[10] Greg talks about one of Susan's sisters Aunt Audra, a girl who believes in horoscopes which Susan believes is "hocus-pocus" and Greg says that he is surprised Susan believes that way about fortune-telling as she believes Gramma has ESP. Greg says he doesn't know if Gramma actually has ESP but says if she does, she is not using her powers to their full potential.[11]

Easter is going to be spent at Gramma's house which Greg says sucks as the only toy there is this stuffed elephant named Ellie which Greg describes now as a stuffed bowling pin as Sweetie tore off Ellie's body parts. Greg says Easter used to be fun as they had a big egg hunt every Easter done by Meemaw who would overdo it with the eggs and a few weeks ago Grammas toilet wasn't working because she had hidden a plastic egg in there.[12] Gramma hosted Easter at her house, and everyone started searching for the valuable ring that Meemaw left behind when she died and Greg even looked in Grammas underwear draw for it, but he then realized he was going too far.[13] When Greg tricks Susan into borrowing her phone, he sees a text from Gramma asking Frank and Greg to move the piano to her basement and replies "no" lying that they are doing father and son activities.[14] Later, Greg tossed the Magic 8 Ball over her fence only to come back for it later incidentally leading him to find Meemaw's ring.[15]

The Long Haul[]

When Greg was young, he got scratched by Grammas cat and Susan made a teaching moment out of it.

Double Down[]

Greg states that Gramma's basement is unfinished.

The Meltdown[]

Greg decides to wear his scarf and old pair of gloves for the walk to school instead of the mittens Gramma knitted for him last winter because when she made them, she forgot to add thumbs and it's like wearing socks on his hands.[16] While walking back home from school it was freezing cold and there was still a long way to go, so Greg and Rowley decided to make a stop to Gramma's house to warm up. Greg knew nobody was home as Gramma leaves south every winter and sends pictures that include her friends and her dog Sweetie. Gramma usually keeps her key in a garden gnome right next to the front door and this time that was exactly where it was.

During their time at her house, they turned on her thermostat, helped themselves to her snacks and her TV that includes all the cable channels while also staying out of her snoopy neighbor Mrs. McNeil's sight. After they turned off the TV, they warmed up their clothes in Grammas dryer so they wouldn't be cold outside. While drying up their clothes, they tried looking for something to wear. Rowley wore a sweatshirt Greg gave Gramma for her birthday however Greg didn't feel right wearing her clothes. So, he tried on a sweater Gramma had knitted for Sweetie, but it was itchy, and Greg didn't know if he ever had fleas. They both suddenly then heard stomping and thought there was a burglar, but it turned out to just be Susan who was using Gramma's washing machine to wash their clothes. After that, Susan gave Greg and Rowley a ride back home.[17]

The Deep End[]

After the events of Wrecking Ball, which left the Heffleys homeless, the family had to stay at Gramma's until they could pay off their house. Gramma didn't like having them as visitors, which is shown by how she doesn't let them out of their basement when her friends are over.

Wimpy Wonderland[]

You can visit Gramma's house, which is by the laundromat. She'll offer to drive around and look for Manny if you shovel her driveway. Once you do, she says that she'll look for Manny once she's done playing bingo at Leisure Towers. You can meet her at the bingo hall and she'll let you play bingo as a guest.


Greg says he learned a trick from Rodrick, and whenever he gets in trouble he invite Gramma over dinner.[18] Gramma also helped Rowley get out of his "knight belt" on Halloween. Greg says if he had to choose between going to the bathroom in his Halloween costume or having a friend's grandmother undress him, he would always go with the first option.[19]

At the beginning of November, Ann sent Greg and Rodrick over to her house to rack her leaves. She would pay the boys three dollars for every bag of leaves they racked plus hot chocolate. But because Greg and Rodrick used up all the bags to get as much money as possible, Gramma sent them home without making them hot chocolate but did paid them the money.[20]

Online book327

Greg explains he would often torment Rudy by making a noise with his lips which would scare Rudy under the covers. He defends his action by pointing out Gramma also does it whenever she needs Rudy out of the way.[21]

Greg recalls one time at Gramma's, he just ate all the marshmallows out of a cereal box which later causes him to pass out from stomach cramps during Phys Ed.[22]


Gramma likes to play Bingo at Church, but is not as serious as some of the ladies. She also reads tabloids, which leads to problems, as Susan claims that tabloids are full of lies. However, Gramma seems to believe the tabloids, such as when she would not answer her phone because she read that it erases the memory of the elderly people, however, we do not know for sure that she read that from a tabloid (although that is a likely possibility).

Susan also thinks she has extrasensory perception (meaning she is or might have been a psychic or influenced by one). However, if she is psychic, which is most likely not true, Greg states she does not use her powers to their full potential. Gramma is also a competent chef, being able to make cookies, hot chocolate, and dog food. She also likes animals but does not know how to look after a dog properly, as evidenced when she feeds Sweetie extremely excessively, doesn't do anything about it when he becomes lethargic, and dresses him up. Gramma is shown to also like knitting have shown knitted Sweetie a wool sweater and Greg mittens.

In the Deep End, it's implied that Gramma doesn't like it when other people stay at her house, even if they are members of her family. Regardless, she means well to her family but sometimes gets easily distracted when making gifts for them, as shown in the Meltdown, when she knitted mittens for Greg but forgot to add thumbs.

Gramma tends to spoil Sweetie rotten. She feeds him to the point where Greg describes him as "a tick that's about to pop," and even gave him the entire guest room. It comes to the point where she refuses to give the guest room to the Heffleys when they come over, even when they are homeless, and forces them to sleep in a less comfortable place, her basement. She also tends to favor Manny more than her other grandchildren having pictures of Manny and drawings by him all over her house. Although she denies this.


Gramma is an elderly lady with curly hair covering her ears. Her facial features are very similar appearances to those of her daughter Susan (including the shape of her nose). She mainly appears wearing normal clothes and a skirt throughout the series.



  • As it would seem, she may be the reason for her daughter's flawed parenting.
  • Like Greg's Grandpa and Nana, it is pretty much unknown what her actual name is.


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