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Good Boy Awards are awards made by Greg Heffley and is part of his manipulation when Rowley Jefferson got mad that he didn't get a lot of candy from Greg. Greg tells Rowley that there "worth a lot of money" and "super rare". They are earned when Rowley does Greg's chores, and he kept a binder of all the rewards he got. These may have been inspired by the Good Boy Awards that Greg got in The Third Wheel[1]. Later on, the quality of the awards decreased and went from well-drawn to simplistic. When Rowley started to get tired of receiving the awards, Greg made up other variants of Good Boy Awards like Super Good Boy Award, Double Good Boy, Million Dollar Good Boy, Super Dooper Good Boy, Golden Goodie Award, and something with a little "trademark" that says GBA. Once his binder became stuffed with awards, Greg dumped the Good Boy Awards and replaced with Li'l Goodies, making Rowley's awards worthless.

Known Good Boy Awards[]

  • Good Boy Award
  • Super Good Boy Award
  • Double Good Boy Award
  • Million Dollar Good Boy Award
  • Golden Goodie Award
  • Unknown award with a, "GBA" logo




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