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The Girl Scouts are a group of females doing community related activities with their first appearance in Old School.

They appeared when a bunch of vans rolled into the parking lot with Girl Scouts who were going to help out in the Town Park clean up. Each of the Girl Scouts organized everyone into separate teams with one Girl Scout to each team at the cleanup.

They have also involved in projects like the community garden which the town wanted to build when nobody could get their acts together. Then the Girl Scouts swooped in on a Sunday afternoon.

Not only they helped to organize at the Town Park clean up, but they also started fundraising by selling cookies.

But when Greg is returning to playground, one of the Girl Scouts named Brownie who appeared out of nowhere, totally caught him red handed.

So Billy, Frew and Greg run off and Brownie chasing them with a whistle and the entire Girl Scouts troop was in hot pursuit. They had the authority to arrest the wrongdoers and they will earn a badge they need.

On page 197, when Greg and his cabin mates were trying to steal deodorants at girl's cabin and after Greg sneaks inside, he realized that when he looked around, the girl's cabin was full of Girl Scouts. But when Greg decided to call off the mission to get the deodorant, one of his cabin mates fell to the ground named Graham Bertran, accidentally waking up the Girl Scouts who were sleeping. They run away from them.


  • Girl Scouts is a real-life worldwide scouting organization.