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George Fleer is one of Greg's classmates who attended the Lock-In during the events of The Ugly Truth. He is known to have a serious outie belly button that many of the other kids are afraid of.

George first appears playing the Name Game at the Lock-In, where he is seated right next to Greg Heffley, who struggles to find a good nickname that starts with "G". He eventually settles on "Great Greg", but George says the nickname "Great George" right before him, forcing him to find a different name or people would think he was copying him.[1] Mrs. Libby suggests "Jolly Greg" and the game moves on, even though Greg thinks it's a horrible nickname because it starts with a J.

In the game Guess Who?, George is placed in Team Three along with Greg, Nicky Wood, Christopher Brownfield, and Tyson Sanders.[2] He suggested that they take a picture of his belly button, but everyone disagreed, as his outie would be too identifiable.[3] They end up taking a picture of Tyson Sanders's elbow. When Mr. Tanner and the other teachers mistake it for a picture of a butt and threaten to call the boys' parents, George Fleer makes a run for it, which puts everyone else in a panic as well. He eventually gets caught and is brought back to the auditorium, where Tyson explains that the picture is of his elbow. After the party games end, some of the boys start horsing around, and George Fleer starts chasing people with his outie at one point.[4]




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