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This page is about Greg Heffley's uncle. You may be looking for Gary, the weatherman.


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Gary Heffley, more commonly referred to as Uncle Gary (also known as Uncle Gray or Gray Heffley in the poptropica version), is the uncle of Greg, Rodrick and Manny Heffley and the younger brother of Frank and Joe Heffley. He was mentioned in The Last Straw, and Greg had to go to his wedding in The Ugly Truth. He has appeared throughout the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, with his first book appearance being in The Last Straw and his latest mention being in The Deep End.


The Last Straw[]

Greg mentions he got a shirt from Gary on his first wedding.

The Ugly Truth[]

He is heavily featured, as he is getting married for the fourth time to a woman named Sonja. But at their wedding, his best man Leonard stands up and gives a toast where he says that when Gary and Sonja were watching a baseball game while they were dating, Gary thought of breaking up with her and start dating her sister instead, but before he could do that a plane flew with a banner saying "Marry Me Sonja?" Sonja reacted to it thinking it was from Gary, but Leonard said there must've been some other guy with a girlfriend named Sonja but Gary was afraid the guys around his seat would beat him if he lets Sonja down. After hearing this, Sonja got angry with Gary. He might have divorced her because she isn't seen with him in The Third Wheel, so they have possibly divorced.

Cabin Fever[]

Greg's email in Cabin Fever

Uncle Gary's appearance in Cabin Fever

In a flashback, when Greg snuck into his mother's email account to tell everyone to coordinate all of the Christmas presents they will get Greg, his name can be seen on the screen.

The Third Wheel[]

Gary moves in with Greg after borrowing his brother's money to buy a Boston souvenir stand. When Frank sends the money, Gary buys the business before realizing that Boston is misspelled as Botson on the shirts, but he didn't want to give up selling them. After moving in, he sold one to Rodrick for three bucks. Gary also keeps on buying scratch cards with the money he gets. During his stay with the Heffleys, he keeps having nightmares that keep him up all night about monkeys in the walls, which results in him sleeping on the couch for the rest of the day. Gary gives Greg advice of how to get a partner for the dance and he even gets signed up as a "DJ" at the dance. At Greg's dance, Gary sells the T-Shirts in the dark Paris-themed room. When the elderly turned on the lights, kids started complaining that they were being ripped off, but Gary distracted them by increasing the music's volume. He then bought a bunch of Scratch Cards, and one of them won him $40,000 so he paid Frank the money he owed him, wished Greg luck in his love life and then moved out of the house.

Double Down[]

Greg says that he has a lot of dummies in his family, like when Uncle Gary cut down a big branch that was hanging over his driveway and ended up breaking his collarbone.

The Deep End[]

He's mentioned but doesn't make a physical appearance.

While Greg and his family are trying come up with an idea of what they do for an affordable vacation (as they were very tight on money at the time), Gammie calls Frank and asks him if he could get rid of Uncle Gary's old RV, which has apparently been parked in her driveway for the last two years. Gammie claims that Gary ran off to work as a rodeo clown and she doesn't think he'll be coming back any time soon. This gives Susan the idea to use the RV to go on a cross-country road trip (ultimately saving money by sleeping in the RV and making their own food instead of staying in hotels and eating at restaurants).

After arriving at Gammie's house to pick up the RV, the family discovered it was a complete mess inside, so Greg and his family were forced to clean it up before finally leaving on their trip. Greg quips that he wouldn't have been surprised if they found his uncle underneath all the trash and junk that was in the RV.

Frank claims that, when Uncle Gary got his first car, he kept a bunch of garbage inside of it so no one would steal it--when Greg and his family saw just how messy the RV was, Greg figures that his uncle must have had the same idea when he got the RV.


Most of Gary's personality is not hinted in the book, but he is shown to be a money-loving person who uses up his money to buy lottery scratch cards, which he hopes to win. He also appears to fail or leave every job he had for some time only.

He has been shown to be good in relationships with women, having married five or six times, but divorcing every single time, mostly even before the honeymoon. This is not because he's a bad guy, but because he rushes into the relationships too quickly.



  • Given estimations made based off of illustrations of him, Gary Heffley is most likely between 5' 9" (175.26 cm) and 5' 10" (177.8 cm) tall. However, this is only conjecture, as his height has never been definitively stated within the series.
  • When Joe Heffley and Frank Heffley tell Greg he needs to start thinking about his future, he comments himself as more of an "Uncle Gary kind of guy".[1]
  • In the Ugly Truth, because Uncle Gary's been married five or six times, Susan's been using pictures of Greg, Rodrick and Manny from his weddings as a replacement for growth charts.
  • He doesn't appear nor is mentioned in any of the films, not even in a flashback.
  • Greg refers to him as a "dummy" in Double Down.
  • Wimpy Wonderland misspells his name as "Uncle Gray."
  • After his application to be a rodeo clown, he probably keeps that job and now is used to working.
  • He was implied to be a relative from Susan's side of the family in the original online version before being revealed to be Frank's brother in the books.
  • His net worth is $45.




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