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I really whiffed on that one, folks!
Gary on the news

Gary is the incompetent weatherman for Greg Heffley's hometown who appears in The Meltdown. According to Greg, he is wrong about what the weather's going to be like at least 50% of the time.[1]

Minor History[]

Greg mentions him when he says that the school relies on their local TV weatherman for the forecast, but he is wrong at least 50% of the time. Once on New Year's Eve, he said it was gonna be "T-shirts and Shorts weather" the next day, but then it snowed three inches. The next day at the grocery store, people threw snowballs at him, because they weren't happy about what he said about the weather.


  • It's currently unknown how he's able to keep his job if he's wrong about the weather a large part of the time. However, Greg mentions there are still people like Frank and Susan who still like him, which is the likely reason why he still has a job despite his gross incompetence.




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