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Garg Smash!
Garg smashing a statue in Medusa's cave

Garg the Barbarian is the troublesome, uneducated but loyal and tough friend of Roland the Kind and the son of Garg's mom and Garg's dad. He plays a major role as one of the main characters in Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventure. He is based off of his narcissistic counterpart, Greg Heffley.


Garg first met Roland when they were little kids and quickly bonded with him becoming best friends. Ever since, he and Roland did a lot of stuff together like working out in his garage.[1]


Garg and Roland working out

He's not allowed to be invited by Roland for sleepovers at Roland's house because of his habit to destroy objects. Because schools didn't exist and his parents lack of measures to make him read or do anything educational, Garg is not very educated and as such he lacks the ability to communicate with other people except for Roland.


One day, Roland's mom was kidnapped by The White Warlock so Roland asks Garg for help. Garg tags along with Roland's journey to save his mom without asking his parent's permission beforehand. They went through the Tangled Forest where they brought peace between the Trolls and the Pixies. Garg later gets turned into a stone statue with after their battle with Medusa then gets turned back by the One-Eyed Wizard. After that, some of the victims who returned to their human state after fighting Medusa joins with Roland and Garg to help rescue Roland's mom.

Awesome Friendly Adventures116

The group gets attacked by ogres and giant eagles. The group starts to go through the Mines of Murlak into a tunnel but Garg hits his head on a stalactite causing it to collapse forcing them to go in one direction through a lake filled with giant leeches then gets chased out by dwarves. When Shae'Vana snuck off towards the Ice Fortress, a fight between Stephen and Garg occurs on who to blame for trusting Shae'Vana who took all their supplies with her.

Awesome Friendly Adventure202

They finally arrive at the Ice Fortress where it was revealed that the One-Eyed Wizard set up this adventure and used them to get revenge against his brother, Santa. After the One-Eyed Wizard accidently blasted the walls off, Garg and his allies broke in and started attacking him however was grabbed and trapped by Righty.[2] Just as Garg was about to die, Roland's mom came out of nowhere and saves everyone. In the end, the One-Eyed Wizard was defeated and turned into a good guy. To celebrate, everyone was given a gift with Garg getting a gift certificate to a tanning salon then went home with Roland, the One-Eyed Wizard and Roland's mom riding Santa's sleigh.


Even though Garg strongly resembles Greg, he isn't manipulative or selfish. Garg seems to care for his best friend and his gang, staying loyal to them. He is not very educated and has trouble communicating with others but makes up this with his physical strength. Garg can walk long distances with no problem and is incredibly strong. However, that does not mean he doesn't like to cause trouble as he is shown to get into trouble with Roland's dad just like his counterpart and he also destroyed a bunch of the stone statues created by Medusa. He is also shown to be curious.


Garg's head is identical to Greg Heffley's being extremely buffed and tall. He is shirtless, wearing ripped shorts and wearing mummy-like boots as it warps just below his knees. He is also shown wearing two identical bracelets on his arms


  • "The Barbarian" part could be a reference to Conan.