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She's like the official head of the whole Heffley family.
Greg Heffley

Gammie is the paternal great-grandmother of Greg Heffley, Rodrick Heffley, and Manny Heffley. She is the paternal grandmother of Frank Heffley, Joe Heffley, and Gary Heffley, the mother-in-law of Nana Heffley, the grandmother-in-law of Susan Heffley, and the mother of Grandpa. She is the oldest living member of the Heffley family at around 95 years of age and is the official head of the family and the main antagonist of The Ugly Truth.


The Ugly Truth[]

Heffley Family Reunion

Greg discovers that the reception for Uncle Gary's fourth wedding will take place at Gammie's House who he describes as the leader of the Heffley family. Gammie irritates Greg as she still writes letters and she expects him to respond to them; Greg has attempted to elucidate to Gammie that kids don't know how to write letters but she just dismisses it. Gammie handed Greg a starter letter so that it would be unjustifiable not to respond however he still hasn't filled it in which he is incredibly guilty about.


Greg feels as if Gammie is trying to make him feel guilty as she wrote an apology to the entire family after Greg deposited a whoopie cushion onto her chair last Thanksgiving. Greg also wonders if Gammie is intentionally messing with people. Last Easter, nobody drove to Gammie's house despite her inviting them and so on Easter Sunday, she called Frank claiming she had won the lottery. It transpired to not be a winner and Gammie had made the entire family show up to her house for Easter. Greg is anxious about returning back to Gammie's house for Uncle Gary's wedding because it's time for him to receive The Talk; this is where Gammie gives pre-teens wisdom about growing up. Greg is praying that Uncle Gary cuts off his betrothal as he is agitated by ‘the talk'.[2]

Once it is time for Uncle Gary's wedding, Greg is not excited as he recalls that he is going to receive ‘the talk' from Gammie. During the drive to Gammie's, Susan alerts her that they were behind time as they had to halt to fetch Greg's tuxedo; this gives Greg the notion that he's a groomsmen when he's actually a ‘flower boy'.[3] During the night, Greg has difficulty falling asleep in The Bachelors's room and so he relocates to dose in Gammie's bathroom; Greg luckily manages to wake up just before Gammie takes her morning bath and he gets up.


Greg's issue with family gatherings is that they aren't intended for children and they lack something for them to entertain themselves with. A few years ago, Susan purchased Legos for Greg to retain at Gammie's house however Gammie glued them together because she disliked the pieces being all over the place. Gammie does retain hard candy on her mantel however it's really stale and Frank ate some of it while he was a kid. Greg finds Gammie's photos on her mantel incredibly outdated as the one of him and Rodrick is when they visited Santa's Village 8 years ago. The furniture in Gammie's house is incredibly valuable and Greg's family have been depositing sticky notes on them so they can earn it after she dies; Greg views this as discourteous but admits that he's done it to a few items himself.[4]

Greg getting the talk

After the reception, Frank informs Greg that it was time for ‘the talk'; Greg was anxious but also exhilarated as he figures Gammie had a lot of wisdom stored up and he could use some. Gammie tells Greg that he shouldn't be in a rush to grow up as there's a lot of physical and mental issues to deal with as he grows older. Gammie starts rolling down her sock to convey to Greg what the issues were however he excuses himself.[5] The 'Talk' causes Greg to learn to live his childhood to the fullest.[6]

Cabin Fever[]

Cabin Fever36

Last year, Greg creeped onto Susan's e-mail account and typed to all his relatives, including Gammie, to learn what his Christmas presents were.[7] One of the articles that gets destroyed during the flood is Gammie's Spoon Carousel where they were intended to collect a spoon from every country.[8]

The Deep End[]

Beep beep

Gammie calls Frank to request him to discard Uncle Gary's RV, which is still parked in her driveway: this gives the Heffley's the proposal of heading on a cross-country camping trip utilising the RV.[9] The Heffley's drive to Gammie's house to collect the RV[10] and after Gammie hands them some sandwiches, they hit the road.[11]


Rodrick doing The Talk

Gammie about to give ‘The Talk' to Rodrick

Gammie has a lot of wisdom and traditionally gives "The Talk" to her older grandchildren and great-grandchildren on the edge of becoming teenagers. Gammie likes visitors and on holidays, she invites her entire family to her house and often cooks meals for them. She also makes people feel guilty, as shown when Greg puts a whoopee cushion under her chair and several days later, she sends a handwritten apology to everyone in the family. Gammie seems to show a liking to furniture and all of it in her house is extremely valuable.


  • Given estimates made based off of illustrations of her, Gammie is most likely between 5' 2" (157.48 cm) and 5' 3" (160.02 cm) tall. However, this is entirely conjecture, as her height has never been stated definitively within the series.
  • According to the family tree in the original version of The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book, Gammie is on Susan's side of the family as Grampa's mother. However, when she later appeared in "The Ugly Truth", she was said to be on Frank's side instead, meaning she is either Grandpa Heffley or Nana Heffley's mother.
  • Gammie made an appearance in a McDonald's Happy Meal Commercial alongside The Pig, Rodrick Heffley, and Sweetie.
  • In The Deep End trailer, Gammie joins the video call along with everyone else and can be heard asking if she is on mute.
  • Gammie could be the book counterpart of Mary-Lou Heffley, due to them looking very similar.
  • The only book Gammie has a major role in is the Ugly Truth. After that, she only appears in short films, the Do It Yourself Book, and as a cameo in The Deep End.
  • Though unconfirmed, it's likely that Gammie's name is actually an endearment for her, as with Gramma and Grandpa. This would mean that her real first name is unknown.
  • Gammie lives on 38 Bacon Street as shown in the letter she wrote to Greg





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