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Fulson Tech is a high standard modern middle school that half of the Larry Mack Middle School students get transferred to after their school shuts down. It appears in No Brainer where it was opened one year before the events of the book.



After it is revealed that Larry Mack Middle School is being scheduled to be closed, half of the students are getting transitioned into Fulson Tech which is apparently really high quality. Albert Sandy states that their lunch menu was allegedly composed by a renowned chef and that they possess their own meat-carving station in the canteen. They also apparently employ a massage therapist on staff to help students reduce stress and even nap pods.


The assemblies are also way grander than Larry Mack Middle School as they've had a formula one driver and astronauts on a trip to Mars as guests. The common consensus is that students who are being transferred to Fulson Tech are all set as opposed to Slacksville Middle School.[1] The registration list for the new schools gets publicized onto the school bulletin board and Greg is pleased to be transferred to Fulson Tech.[2]


However after Alex Aruda's parents enroll him into a boarding school, the list flips upside down and Greg now has to transition into Slacksville Middle School instead. Greg attempts to convince his parents to transfer him to a private school just like Fulson Tech but his efforts fail as it is considered too expensive.[3] During the standardised exam, the students who were getting transferred to Fulson Tech were deliberately attempting to fail the exam so they would get a better chance of getting enrolled into the school.[4] After Larry Mack Middle School gets reopened, the students who got transferred to Fulson Tech had to return to their old school which they weren't thrilled about.[5]

List of Students[]

These are the following students were scheduled to transfer to Fulson Tech after the closure of Larry Mack Middle School. All of them returned following its reopening.




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