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Fudgedogs are tofu dogs that are covered in hot chocolate fudge. They were invented at Larry Mack Middle School and were a popular menu item during No Brainer.

After Greg Heffley introduced fudgedogs to Slacksville Middle School, the town patented the recipe, claiming ownership over it entirely and stopping its production elsewhere by law.


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When Larry Mack Middle School overhauled their lunch menu to become more nutritious, they substituted beef hot dogs with tofu hot dogs which was extremely unpopular. This left the school with many uneaten leftovers and while Mrs. Podsner was discarding them, one of them bounced off into a vat of hot chocolate fudge, mixed for the day's ice cream sundae's bar. After tasting it out of curiosity, Mrs. Podsner knew she had invented a new food type and just a few days later, fudgedogs were launched.

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From the instant they were on sale, they became a smash hit and students made a profit from vending them at a higher fee to people who had a later lunch. Cafeteria sales rapidly increased by 60% and Mrs. Mancy held a recognition assembly to Mrs. Podsner for it. The recipe expanded into an entire event called "Fudgedog Fridays" where students could buy two fudgedogs and get one for free and coat toppings on it from the fudgedog station. The school even conducted their own fall festival themed around it where students could partake in various fudgedog-related activities. Since fudgedogs were so popular around school, some students from Slacksville attempted to steal the recipe; however they were caught by Mrs. Podsner while she was working late producing a new batch. Fudgedogs had become such a big deal that the old school mascot is even replaced with an anthropomorphic fudgedog named Fudgy, who is notorious for covering opponents in fudge.

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After Mr. Bottoms discovers that fudgedogs are resulting in poor exam results, he discontinues their production entirely resulting in protests from students. After failing to stop the backlash by replacing fudgedogs with a new event called Macaroni Mondays, Mr. Bottoms reaches a compromise with the Student Council to permit one and a half fudgedogs for each pupil per day. Mrs. Podsner later creates a new variant of fudgedogs which includes the extra halves.[1]

Greg's future plan for how he is going to become famous is by winning an imaginary annual fudgedog eating contest.[2] Later while Greg attends Slacksville Middle School, he gives out the recipe during Home Ec causing his newfound popularity to rise even further.[3] This ends up attracting the attention of Sophie Mack and they promptly become a couple; during lunch they start running out of things to discuss besides from eating fudgedogs.[4] During their date, Sophie mentions to Larry Mack Junior that Greg seemingly invented Fudgedogs causing the two discuss how it's like to operate a successful business.[5]

Larry Mack Junior starts up a new car dealership promotion with there being free fudgedogs for every vehicle purchase. After Larry Mack Junior reopens Greg's middle school, Slacksville patented the recipe, advertising it as the "home of the fudgedog.” Recently, the school has been trying out some new recipes but nothing seems to have worked. [6]


Fudgedogs are formed by coating tofu hot dogs in hot chocolate fudge which are then distributed on a stick. Students can decorate their fudgedogs with a variety of different toppings people such as rainbow sprinkles and miniature marshmallows.[7] Too much consumption of fudgedogs can lead to nausea and Postprandial somnolence. This lead to a short-lived ban due to it causing a decline in exam results. [8]

A different variant of fudgedogs, fudgedog fingers, contain the remaining halves which had previously been restricted.[9]

Other schools have attempted to recreate the recipe but have used beef hot dogs instead of tofu hot dogs.[10]


  • Fudgedog fingers appeared in a post by Jeff Kinney on Twitter, being referred to as "chocolate-covered tofu dogs halves."[11]
  • Jeff Kinney and his team recreated fudgedogs in real life. The results were that they tasted disgusting.[12]