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Frisky (cat) was the Heffley family's cat shown in Rodrick Rules, the online book and the Rodrick Rules (2011 film) where his name was shown. Because Frisky hasn't appeared for an extended period of time, it can be assumed that this character is either deceased or has been acquired by a new owner.


Rodrick Rules[]

Greg Heffley talks about how Manny Heffley has always been telling on him, even things that Greg did in front of him when he couldn't speak. An example being the time when Greg sprayed Frisky with a water gun but Manny saw it is as a baby and told Susan Heffley and Frank Heffley.

Rodrick Rules (film)[]

Frisky briefly appears in an animated scene in the second movie, when Greg sprays him with a water gun and Manny tells on Greg. In another animated scene, Frisky knocks over a vase and Manny blames Greg. He briefly makes a cameo in the fourth film.


Frisky plays the same role in the Online version as he did in Rodrick Rules.[1]


  • Frisky has not made an appearance since the second book, so it is highly likely that he is deceased.
    • Frisky is only ever shown in flashbacks, so it might be possible that he passed away or got given away to someone before the events of the series.