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Name Fregley
Gender Male.png
Age 11-14
Status Alive
Actor Grayson Russell (2010-2012) Noah Colbert (2022-20??)
First appearance Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
Hey, guys. Wanna see my secret freckle? It's got a hair in it!
Fregley to Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson

Fregley (also known as Fregly in the online book) is a widely unpopular student (with the exception of Hard Luck, where he becomes the most popular) at Greg's middle school and is a minor antagonist in the series. Like Rowley, he's appeared many times with his mouth wide open, much more often than most of the characters.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Greg introduces Fregley for the first time and he is shown to be infamous in the school as he says and does disgusting things. He also beats Greg in wrestling as Greg didn't pay attention when the teacher was teaching them the moves. When Rowley befriended Collin Lee, Greg tried to have a sleepover at Fregley's to show Rowley he also has a friend but that turned out to be a disaster as Fregley ate sugar which made him go hyperactive in the sleepover with Greg. Fregley also eats all of Greg's jelly beans (his leftover Halloween candy), and gets extremely hyperactive to the point of driving Greg around with a booger on his finger, Greg having to lock himself in the bathroom, and eventually leave the house.

The Last Straw

When Greg goes towards Holly to talk to her, he came running in between them shouting out "Boogie! Boogie! Boogie!". Greg then blames and gets angry at him for ruining his moment to meet Holly. He also used the sewer manhole to get in and go to Rowley's house without being disturbed by Fregley.

Dog Days

Fregley is first mentioned in the story when Greg mentions that he is glad that Mom didn't invite him to the Reading Is Fun Club, and says that Fregley has been getting stranger than usual lately. After Rowley and Greg's fight, his mother invites Fregley over for a playdate. This freaked Greg out and he refused to play with him and stayed away from him. Fregley also did weird things, such as getting behind a tree and said "Woo Woo!" to Greg, who says to his Mom that he's worried that "Fregley might be naked".

The Ugly Truth

After Greg loses his friend Rowley, he looks for a new friend but they all have something he doesn't like. Greg then mentions Fregley as the only kid his age without any friends but he ruled him out on being a friend material long ago. He also used the sewer manhole to get in and go to Rowley's house without being disturbed by Fregley.

Cabin Fever

Greg said Fregley won Student of The Week, with him thinking that it was for not biting people for a week.

The Third Wheel

In this book, Fregley plays a minor role, Greg only mentions that he was paired up with Ruby Bird for the Valentine's Day dance, (a girl who has a bad habit of biting people). Ruby Bird bit Fregley, according to Greg's Relationship Chart.

Hard Luck

After Greg lost Rowley once again, he thought of morphing Fregley to be the friend he wants. When Greg calls him to go to school the next day, he comes dressed in an odd way and Greg helps him dress. Then at school Greg, dressed him like the manner he did and got to the table with girls and tried to make them laugh but failed and asks him to show a trick. Fregley strips down to his underwear and takes a chewing gum and put it in his belly button and chew it, and said he would make a bubble with it but failed and landed near the girls. The girls screamed and got scared, while the boys became interested in seeing what else he can chew. He was voted most popular in the yearbook, due to his ability to chew things with his belly button. While Greg was taking Fregley's picture, Fregley was able to blow a bubble with his belly button.

The Meltdown

Fregley makes a brief appearance in The Meltdown. Greg mentions that going to Rowley's house is a pain because he has to pass by Fregley's house, and 9 out of 10 times he's in his front yard. In the picture, Fregley is standing in his front yard saying to Greg "betcha I can find your 'tickle spot'!". He also appeared later in the book in his front yard again, with snow around him making it look like he's a snowman with his own head for the head sticking out, saying "Wanna finish building me?". It's unknown if he participated in The Battle of Surrey Street.

Wrecking Ball

Fregley makes a brief appearance on Page 38, seen eating the lawn fertilizer that Frank bought.


Fregley is very bright for his age, but he tends to be weird and disgusting as his character in the book series to the point where even mean kids (like Patty Farrell) are completely terrified of him. In the first film, Greg revealed that he is sent home for hygiene issues at least once a month. He is always hanging out in his front yard alone doing a wide range of disturbing activities, such as talking to Greg about repulsive topics: his secret freckle and talking about his scab and saying "I bet you can fit your foot in my mouth" are examples.

In Diary of a Wimpy Kid, it is revealed that he has his own secret language. For example, he shouts "Juice, juice!" when he needs to use the boys' bathroom; teachers view this literally and often end up giving him juice out of frustration. He also has a crush on Ruby Bird, a girl who has a habit of biting people. In his page in the Do-It-Yourself book, he goes to a counselor who called him "unpredictable and dangerous". On the same page, it is shown he thinks that a little squirrel can talk back to him using its mind. These weird and disgusting questions, it gives a hint of how he thinks and it also explains his unacceptable behavior.

Fregley is obviously friendless who often seems desperate for companionship. In the first book, Greg only pretends to be friends with him just to make Rowley jealous, only for the plan to backfire horribly after Fregley blindly took the bait and chased him with a booger when he got hype with sugar after eating Greg's jellybeans. In Dog Days, Greg's mother tried to organize a play date with Greg and Fregley, much to Greg's horror and Fregley's excitement. In Hard Luck, he becomes pretty popular after shooting some food out of his belly button, much to Greg's dismay (since his plan was to mold Fregley into his sidekick). In the films, Fregley is still unpopular, but has become a part of Greg’s friend group by Dog Days.


Fregley is illustrated with glasses, short, rounded hair and a wide-open mouth with rounded teeth, a black shirt and a scarf in Greg's journals. He also has an open mouth, which he closed only in Hard Luck.

In the film, he goes through a massive change of character. He tends to wear unusual clothing created by his mother using old clothes.


  • He never closed his mouth in Diary of a Wimpy Kid Online but closed 3 times in Hard Luck in the book series while eating a chip, as well as closing his mouth in an animated segment in the film after he consumed his Jell-O.
  • His last name has never been revealed.
  • His name is spelled "Fregly" in the online version, but the books and movies spell it "Fregley".
  • In the original online version, Greg says that he and Fregley went to Kindergarten together and that he's been homeschooled since the 1st-grade—however, despite being homeschooled, Greg claims that Fregley's mom sometimes brings him to school for certain events so he can "mix and mingle" with the other students.
    • Also Greg says that he's heard Fregley's supposedly very intelligent, but he's a little skeptical of this.
  • Fregley isn't seen or mentioned in Rodrick Rules and he's also not seen or mentioned in any of the books between Hard Luck and The Meltdown. So far, the only books where Fregley's actually had a major role are the first and eighth books--every other book, he's only ever had a very minor role.
  • His father has never been shown, either being estranged or deceased.
  • He has a game he possibly invented called Diaper Whip. It is probably a game where you throw a used diaper.
  • In one activity page, he asks the readers if they store food in their belly buttons "so they can have a snack later on". It is possible that he also does this, has done it once, or thought about doing it.
  • Fregley apparently has his own cellphone, since in the fifth book, Greg claims that he and Rowley were the only kids at their school's Lock-In to not have their own cellphones (and were the only kids left after the group of angry parents came to get their kids)
  • It is unknown if they Ruby Bird ever dated Fregley.
  • Jeff Kinney said that he chose Fregley's name because he "thought [it] sounded like a kid who had freckles".
    • He also said that he created Fregley because he was supposed to be a strange kid. "I think most people have a kid like Fregley on their street, a kid that's a little strange, and if you don't know any kids that are like Fregley, then you might be Fregley."
  • In the Dog Days movie, his phone number is [[1]].
    • Also, he revealed his name is "Fregilleus".
    • In a kids magazine, on the Wimpy Kid maze page, it states that Fregley's full name is Alan Fregley.
  • Fregley wrote Gareth the Green Bean.
  • In the books, Greg disliked Fregley and saw him as strange and creepy. However, in the movies, he is actually good friends with Greg, Rowley, and Chirag.
  • Some people theorize that he has a mental disability but that has not been confirmed.

Name Variants

Fregley's name can be spelled in two different ways. Fregley is the term used in the movies and books. Several sites, however, including the online version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, use Fregly. Some pages about Fregley tend to spell his name, Fregly. Some fans have also called him, Fergley. Despite this, since the book and film, term is mostly used and on websites and franchises also, hence the official term is Fregley.



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