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This Sports Coupe was a car owned by Frank Heffley for a very short time.

The Trade[]

Frank probably obtained this car by trading his old one or spending his own money. Susan disliked the fact Frank bought it without supervision and that it would be hard to seat the children, but Frank said it was the car he wanted so she let him keep it.

When Greg earned a "Student of the Week" bumper sticker, he gave it to Manny to put on his wagon, but he put it on the car's door instead. Greg tried to get it off, but he failed. He scraped it off and other dirt but managed to leave scrapes on it. He managed to disguise some with permanent marker, but the biggest one was too hard, so he made a note (clearly with Susan's cursive style writing) to hope he wouldn't see it.

But when Frank found it, he was initially mad at Greg, but Susan came to their son's defense by noting that it was a mistake for Frank to get the car in the first place, as it's not very practical for a family, and ultimately forces him to trade it in for a minivan.[1]




  • The fact it is a sports coupe, it has only two seats, it is unknown if this was a family car or not, as it would in-sufficient for the family.


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