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Frank Heffley's boat was a mid-sized Boston Whaler motor boat owned by The Heffley Family. It was bought by Frank. It was later given away to two Spanish men who drove the Heffley family home when one of their minivan's tires deflated.

Greg says that one day, when Susan sent Frank out to buy some milk for the family, he ended up bringing home a boat instead. Susan was upset that Frank bought something like that without checking with her first, but ultimately let him keep it after he explained that it had always been a dream of his to own a boat and that he, Susan and their sons could use it as a way to bond and spend time together. However, Frank was ultimately never able to use the boat until The Long Haul and the The Long Haul (film) because:

  1. Just a few days after buying the boat, people from his neighborhood's Homeowners Association told Frank that there were rules against having a boat parked in front of your house. Frank was forced to move the boat to the backyard, where it ended up sitting for the rest of the summer because he never had any time to use it.
  2. Once the fall season came in, one of Frank's coworkers said he had to winterize his boat to protect it from the cold weather. When Frank looked into it and discovered that it would cost more than the actual boat, he chose not to winterize it. However, this came back to bite Frank when the the temperature dropped and the boat's hull got a huge crack in it.
  3. Once it started snowing, Frank moved the boat under the house's old deck, where it sat all winter. Once spring came in, Susan started using the boat to store all sorts of junk from the house.
  4. When the summer came, Frank decided to fix the boat, but when he went to pull out the boat from under the deck, he discovered a family of raccoons living their old washing machine. He was originally going to have an exterminator, but when he learned how expensive it would be, he decided to get rid of the raccoons himself. By then, Manny had heard about the baby raccoons living in the old washing machine, and Susan stepped in to stop Frank. The boat has been sitting there ever since.

For the road trip, the family used the boat to store all the things they had packed that wouldn't fit into their minivan. Ultimately, they never got the boat out onto the water, and at the end of The Long Haul, Susan convinced Frank that they should give the boat to the two Spanish-speaking men who helped them get home as a "thank you" present.