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The Five Second Rule, is a food hygiene myth that states a defined time window after which it is not safe to eat food.

The Five Second Rule suggests that if a food is picked up within five seconds, it is safe to eat it. However, there was a new twist where one could pick up any random piece of food, regardless of who really dropped it, as long as it was still within the 5 second limit. Greg talked about having some of his food stolen by scavenging students when the game went this way. According to GregFreddie Harlahan once ate a piece of ham off the floor, because he thought Carl Dumas dropped it. However, he was wrong, as it was there from the previous lunch session, which made Freddie sick resulting in him being in the nurse's office for the rest of the day.[1]


  • The Five Second Rule was proven false through various experiments, as all the participating pieces of food that were tested in those experiments were shown to have the same amount of pathogens and dirt, regardless of being picked up before or after 5 seconds.




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